The best organic fertiliser, fresh from Peru

GUANORGANICS – exclusively suppliers of guano rich fertiliser – is seeking new retail trading partners in the United Kingdom. Here, we take a look at the history of the company and exactly what this amazing country has to offer the British consumer market – and it’s a lot more than just our beloved Paddington Bear! Continue reading

Stand with LifestyleGarden® in the fight against plastic pollution and world poverty

The world is in turmoil again with yet another humanitarian crisis making waves across the globe. Inevitably, this causes consumers to reflect on the plight of others and consider the poverty and dire situations that aren’t currently hitting the headlines, whilst hopefully asking what they can do to help. Here one of the UK’s leading outdoor furniture manufacturers, LifestyleGarden®, highlights the change it is trying to bring to people’s lives across the globe by supporting organisations like Plastic Bank, and how retailers can make a difference through responsible decisions about both their plastic usage and the products they choose to carry. Continue reading

OASE gets set for Aqua 2021

As the industry looks forward to the return of the aquatics and water gardening trade exhibition Aqua 2021, (13th – 14th October, Telford International Centre), one of the industry’s biggest brands, OASE, has unveiled some of the latest innovations that will be making its exhibition stand a must-attend for retailers wanting to optimise their offering for the season ahead. Continue reading

LifestyleGarden® launches Nassau Social Plastic® Collection at SOLEX 2021

New Social Plastic® offering to revolutionise the outdoor living category

LifestyleGarden® has launched its new-for-2022 Nassau Social Plastic® Collection – exclusively designed in partnership with Plastic Bank® at SOLEX 2021. The new range consisting of rainbow-bright mix and match chairs, bistro, and dining sets, is made exclusively from Social Plastic® – ethically-recovered plastic that helps fight ocean pollution by improving the lives of those who collect it. Continue reading

DuraOcean® from LifestyleGarden® – how one chair started a journey to save our oceans

Picture the scene – it’s 2019 and the judges are about to deliver their verdict on the SOLEX Best New Product award. Several products are vying for the title but only one brand – LifestyleGarden® – was able to walk away with the accolade. Little did anyone know just how this award would help to kickstart its recycled maritime plastic range, DuraOcean®, into the mainstream. Here the team tells us more about the amazing journey DuraOcean® has been on. Continue reading

Add value to planter sales with LECHUZA PON

The wealth of planters on offer to consumers in store is enough to overwhelm but, once they have got past which ‘look’ they want to create at home or in their garden, what more can retailers offer them to ensure their green-fingered endeavours are a success? With LECHUZA’s specially-formulated PON substrate, you have a perfect opportunity to create linked sales to keep those tills ringing or, even, upsell customers to a series of LECHUZA self-watering planters that come complete with the miracle-working substrate; adding value and interest to what would otherwise be a fairly ordinary transaction. Continue reading

Is container gardening for me?

Events this past year served to highlight how much people value some kind of outdoor space or greenery, even if it is an urban jungle on a windowsill. You just need to look at the spike in demand for gardening products last summer to see how many people were bitten by the gardening bug. However, if you’ve shied away from gardening in the past through fear of failure or just never thought you had the space to create something special, think again. Container gardening, particularly with the help of LECHUZA’s self-watering pots, could be the answer to building a garden or green space to suit your lifestyle. Continue reading

Grow Your Own Italian feast

Whether you’re trying to cook more healthily at home or simply missing being able to eat out at your favourite Italian restaurant, LECHUZA has the perfect recipe for creating your own delicious pizza and pasta dishes at home, using the freshest ingredients. Fear not, there is minimal gardening involved, as LECHUZA planters do the hard work for you. All you need to do is picture yourself in the Mediterranean, with the heady scents of fresh basil, garlic, tomatoes and oregano filling your kitchen. Continue reading

Grow your own cocktails with LECHUZA

With the pubs closed for a little longer and lockdown rendering any tolerance you once had for the people in your household completely non-existent, drinking at home has never been so popular (and needed). Whether it’s a tipple to pep up your Zoom ‘happy hour’, raising a glass to our amazing NHS frontline workers – or just because it’s Tuesday – LECHUZA can help you grow the tastiest cocktails in the comfort of your own home, whatever the occasion.  Continue reading

Spring into container gardening with LECHUZA

Whether you’re looking for an abundance of cheerful colour after the cold, gloomy winter, or want to create a lush indoor jungle with a mix of houseplants and succulents, LECHUZA – the expert in beautiful and functional planters – shares its five failsafe tips for successful container gardening this spring. Continue reading

LECHUZA sets the new standard in planters with its 2021 offering

With the popularity of houseplants hitting stratospheric levels and three million new gardeners* embracing their green fingers for the first time in 2020, it’s safe to say that gardening has become mainstream once again. One brand that is helping gardeners – and retailers – to maximise the many benefits of this pastime is the multi-award winning German brand, LECHUZA, which is bringing to market an exciting new range of recyclable plastic pots and planters which will help retailers offer something different for the discerning buyer. Continue reading