DJ Turfcare & Viano – keeping a greener tomorrow in mind

“For our children’s future choose Viano organic fertilisers – exclusively available from DJ Turfcare”

 DJ Turfcare – exclusive suppliers of Viano organic fertilisers – is issuing a call to action to the industry to consider the impact chemicals are having upon our eco-system. Driven by a desire to protect our planet, DJ Turfcare’s David Jenkins explains how chemical usage is causing long-term – and possibly irreparable – damage to our soil. Continue reading

Lawncare is a breeze with DJ Turfcare’s MO Bacter – the innovative organic lawn fertiliser that effortlessly tackles moss and banishes labour-intensive scarifying

Flick through the pages of gardening magazines at this time of year and chances are they’ll feature a step-by-step guide on getting lawns into shape. While some lawncare products have evolved beyond recognition in recent years, gardeners are still being advised to kill moss with sulphate of iron, then set about ripping dead moss from grass via the back-breaking process of scarification or hand raking. Continue reading

Johnsons Lawn Seed unveils top tips to keep lawns looking lush if summer 2019 is another scorcher

Last year’s drought left lawns across the UK looking patchy and in need of TLC. Gardeners need not fear, however, as a few simple steps can rejuvenate tatty turf and green-up lawns in time for summer. Here, the UK’s leading lawn seed supplier, Johnsons Lawn Seed, shares its five-point action plan to help gardeners transform tired turf into a lush lawn that’s capable of surviving whatever this summer’s weather throws at it. Continue reading