Put your classic car to bed with Millers Oils

Winter is famously a time for hibernation and classic car owners will know this better than most. With their investment adverse to the tough conditions, most classic cars are ‘tucked up’ for the winter months to protect them from freezing temperatures and the salt and sludge that personifies the UK winter. Getting your car ready for ‘bed’ isn’t always straight forward but with Millers Oils Classic Car Treatments you can rest assured that your precious vehicle is in safe hands. Continue reading

Millers Oils launches new Millmax EE energy efficient hydraulic oil

Millmax EE – new from independent British oil blender, Millers Oils – is changing the hydraulic oil game as it offers significant energy efficiency, with plastic moulders reporting energy consumption reduced by as much as 10% thanks to the inclusion of specialist additives from Dynavis®. Here the company’s Industrial Platform Manager, Emma Law, tells us more about this latest innovation. Continue reading

Millers Oils launches a new range of three engine oils for modern classics

The popular Classic Pistoneeze range welcomes three new multi-grade engine oils

Protecting your investment and looking after your modern classic influences all maintenance and care purchases. But ensuring the longevity and healthy life of the vehicle for future generations to enjoy shouldn’t be a time-consuming or costly practice. With the Classic Pistoneeze range from Millers Oils, ensuring the health of your engine has never been easier. Continue reading

Why oil replacement means increased sales opportunity says lubricants expert MANNOL UK

providing-advice-to-motorists-helps-increase-the-likelihood-of-referralsAs the lifeblood of a car’s engine, motor oil is used to lubricate all the internal moving parts and help cool the engine. Changing oil is an extremely important part of keeping your customer’s engine in good health, but there are other elements often overlooked. MANNOL UK, the fast-growing lubricants and spare parts supplier, advises garages and technicians on how to seize profit opportunities associated with oil replacement.
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