our services – media relations

Whatever you want to communicate, and whoever you want to talk to, the media will be one of the primary tools you’ll need to get help you get your messages across. But competition for editorial publicity is fierce, so it’s never been more important to present your news and information in a way that will whet the media’s appetite.

Whether press, broadcast, online or social media; in the UK or international; targeting trade or consumer audiences, we’ll create and deliver the ideas and angles to help you generate good quality, inspirational editorial coverage, in all the right places, at the right times.

  • News releases
  • Technical, expert and exclusive features, interviews
  • Opinion leader columns, comments and blogs
  • Forward feature contributions
  • Social media content, promotions and negative opinion handling
  • Reader offers, competitions, advertorials
  • Sponsorships, affinity PR opportunities
  • Press conferences, media events, launches, desk visits
  • Strong, two-way journalist relationships
  • Ongoing Press Office services