Enjoy a lawn to be proud of this August bank holiday – banish yellow patches with Dog Rocks!








With the August bank holiday just around the corner, families are looking to make the most of every minute outdoors before temperatures dip and the nights draw in. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, lawns have been the focal point of relaxation during this extraordinary staycation summer – but many a lush, green sward has been spoiled by the bane of lawn-owners’ lives: unsightly yellow patches caused by dog wee. Continue reading

Banish lawn burn and enjoy a green sward to be proud of this summer with Dog Rocks

It is often said that an Englishman’s home is his castle, and whether that castle is a suburban semi-detached or a beautiful country cottage, no castle is complete without a bowling green-style lawn. For dog-owning gardeners, however, that dream can often prove to be far from reality, with formerly lush, green swards blighted by yellow patches as a result of four-legged friends using grass as their toilet. Continue reading