Plant a touch of the Mediterranean in your garden and holiday at home with exotic pelargoniums

Fashions come and go in gardening, but in recent years one trend has consistently gathered pace – the rising popularity of exotic and sub-tropical planting. Fuelled by television makeover programmes, gardeners’ love affair with ‘outdoor rooms’ has been fuelling demand for lush foliage plants and dazzling blooms that rekindle memories of happy holidays in warmer climes. Continue reading

Advice for retailers – how to increase sales of pelargoniums

For many retailers pelargoniums are a welcome sight for much of their core customer demographic; customers that are familiar with this summer beauty. But the new generation of gardeners are less familiar with this classic bloom and are often drawn to more contemporary plants. However, with a wealth of key selling points, including ease of care and resilience in a range of weather conditions, retailers are potentially missing out on a significant sales opportunity. Here the experts at Pelargoniums for Europe (PfE) share some top tips on how retailers can increase sales of pelargoniums this season and beyond. Continue reading