Connect with your pets poolside this summer

As we head into holiday season, no doubt some of us will soon be packing for sunnier climes. The thought of a week or more away from the daily stresses is enticing, but for pet owners, it can also be a difficult time as it means separation from their loyal, four-legged sidekicks.  Now there’s a solution that enables you to connect with your pet while you’re away, so you can be rest assured of their wellbeing as well as your own as you kick back and relax. Continue reading

Gift ideas for National Pet Month

If you’re a pet lover, then National Pet Month (1st April – 1st May) is a date you’ve perhaps already got earmarked in your diary.  It’s also the perfect excuse to show how much you love your fluffy partner in crime. Perhaps a new toy is on the cards? A long walk in the park for your canine companion maybe or even some gourmet treats for your feline friend? Or, how about something more special and unique? Acer, the global-leading tech specialist, has been thinking outside the box so that now, you can give your pet something that they not only will love, but your pet-loving friends and family will be yearning for too! Continue reading

Maximising sales PAWBO shares its top tips for retailers

Since its launch, the Pawbo+ Interactive Pet Camera has been busy connecting pets and owners when life gets in the way. Whether from the office, out at lunch with friends, or from faraway holiday locations, pet owners have never before been able to keep their pets so firmly in the palm of their hand. Offering retailers a significant profit opportunity, here the experts at PAWBO share some top tips for maximising sales, and encouraging longterm customer loyalty. Continue reading