Neudorff wins the German Sustainability Award 2021

The German Sustainability Award 2021 in the category ‘Transformation Resources’ has been awarded to Neudorff, the leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly products for plant care and natural gardening. The medium-sized company triumphed over reputable competitors due to its holistic approach to environmentally friendly product ranges and resource-conserving production.

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Meet Neudorff’s Famous Five – the planet-friendly way to help your garden flourish this summer

The UK is experiencing a green gardening revolution as gardeners shun chemicals in favour of organic, natural and vegan plant feeds and pest controls. As gardeners plant out flowers and veg now that the danger of frost is over, Guy Jenkins, of Neudorff’s UK distribution partner DLF Seeds, reveals how Neudorff’s ‘famous five’ are gentle to people, pets and the environment – helping gardeners to achieve bloomin’ brilliant results. Continue reading

The purr-fect remedy that gardeners have been waiting for! Neudorff’s Super Strength Cat Repellent offers long-lasting protection from fouling

Britain is a nation of cat-lovers, with an estimated population of 10.9million pet cats*. But when neighbourhood pets foul flower beds and vegetable plots, gardeners see red. However, green-fingered enthusiasts need not despair, as Neudorff’s Super Strength Cat Repellent can resolve the problem in a whisker – helping to prevent fur flying by humanely deterring moggies from soiling precious plots. Continue reading

Neudorff reassures gardeners that its leading range of natural gardening products remains widely available online, helping growers in lockdown

Neudorff, the pioneer of products for natural gardening, is helping the nation to carry on gardening despite the closure of UK garden centres due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The company is working around the clock to ensure that its fertilisers, weedkillers and pest controls are widely available from online retailers for home delivery, to help the nation’s gardeners fulfil their green-fingered ambitions. Continue reading

Neudorff’s WeedFree Plus ready-to-use has the power to tackle tough weeds fast – and it’s free from glyphosate and biodegradable, too!

After one of the wettest, mildest winters in recent memory, the nation’s gardens are overrun with unsightly weeds. Targeting unwanted invaders before they set seed and multiply is essential this spring, and Neudorff’s glyphosate-free WeedFree Plus ready-to-use spray has the power to enable gardeners to rapidly regain control. Continue reading