Automotive Industrial technical Public Relations

Hornby Whitefoot PR has served companies in this sector for more than a decade, becoming one of the best respected UK PR teams in this field.

In daily touch with the leading editors, publishers and influencers in this demanding sector, we deliver timely, positive media coverage for our clients across the year, from breaking news stories and in-depth technical features to high level strategic interviews and ‘tea break’ promotional pages.  Our campaigns often integrate the power of social media, events and exhibitions, promotional roadshows, product launches and hospitality events.  We are also able to plan and book print and online advertising space, often optimising it further with linked PR benefits.

 We work with clients based in The Netherlands, Germany, Italy and France and have experience of the Japanese business approach.  We also collaborate daily with a network of similar, overseas PR agencies in Germany, France, Italy, Poland and Russia.

This total package means we are the ideal partners for technical and trade PR needs of all kinds – both at home and abroad.

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