Organic Plantfood bolsters DJ Turfcare’s offering for 2023

Well known for bringing to market the advanced RHS endorsed organic-based Viano fertiliser range, DJ Turfcare is pleased to now be offering even from the Viano stable, including Organic Plantfood.


With consumers more aware than ever of the possible harmful effects of using chemicals around the home and garden, chemical-free or, even better, organic has become the order of the day. With Viano Organic Plantfood – available in 10kg bags or 4kg boxes – retailers can rest assured that they are offering gardeners something that delivers enviable results without compromising on important environmental protection.


Specially developed to promote healthier and better-tasting fruit and vegetables, Organic Plantfood overs long-lasting fertilisation – up to four months. Plus, with the inclusion of a wide range of essential elements Organic Plantfood also enhances soil life, improves soil structure and increases nutrient concentration in the soil.


Supplied as easy to spread fertiliser crumb, this plant feed can be added prior to planting or sowing or used to boost fruit and vegetables during the growth phase, with application required only once every eight to 10 weeks after initial application. Suitable for all leaf and root crops, including all fruit crops, and with a compound NPK of magnesium 6-5-10(+4), this feed is packed full of vital elements to grow healthier, greener plants with stronger roots and tastier crops.


Like all products in the DJ Turfcare portfolio, Organic Plantfood is safe to use around pets, children and wildlife.

DJ Turfcare specialises in organic-based products to be used commercially and at home. The RHS-endorsed range includes six chemical-free fertilisers – MO Bacter Organic Lawn Fertiliser, MO Bacter Instant, Bio-Lime, Recovery, Lawn Boost and Autumn Lawn Treatment.


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