How can garden retailers advise their customers about the best way to revive dried-up lawns?

As the nation basks in record-breaking temperatures, garden retailers should prepare themselves to see an influx of garden-proud shoppers instore as they look for solutions to fix their dried and scorched lawns. One brand that has the perfect solution – and plenty of stock available for quick delivery – is DJ Turfcare with its RHS-endorsed Recovery. 


About Recovery

Recovery is part of the Viano family of premium quality organic-based fertilisers, established in Belgium in 1948 and exclusively distributed in the UK by Surrey-based DJ Turfcare.


This organic-based fertiliser contains several effective ingredients, including nitrogen 8, phosphate 6, potash 13 and magnesium 3, all mixed with Humifirst, a unique ingredient that creates biological activity in the soil and acts as a plant growth stimulant. The ‘magic’ of Humifirst attaches itself to the particles of soil to improve the soil structure and enables it to hold more nutrients and water – essential during period of extended sunny spells. The grass roots then latch onto these soil particles, grabbing as many nutrients and water as they can, helping to stimulate healthy growth that is almost immediately evident.


Following an application of Recovery, lawns will be fed for up to 12 weeks, with appearance and lawn health continuing to improve after periods of drought, flood or periods of extensive wear and tear.


DJ Turfcare offers three pack sizes – 4kg, 10kg and 20kg – together providing coverage for lawns 80m2 to 200m2, making it an accessible option for gardens of all shapes and sizes. RRPs’ start from just £18.99.


Stock availability remains high, with delivery in as little as five days, making it a superb seasonal stocking choice for those retailers that want to help their customers build gardening confidence during heatwaves and periods of extreme weather.


DJ Turfcare’s David Jenkins said: “Scorched lawns need not be a disaster but instead they can be an opportunity for garden centres to demonstrate their know-how and provide the help their customers need.”


Did you know…..?

Many gardeners think that ‘nitrogen equals green’, but they are wrong. Pushing nitrogen at a parched lawn is not good practice even when it starts to rain. This is because the grass plant is already stressed and trying to put all its efforts into producing new green leaves will ultimately just weaken the plant even more.


DJ Turfcare has proven time and again that the best way to solve this problem is to stimulate the roots so that they begin to develop quickly. The whole plant can then take up the nutrients it needs to recover and produce the strong green leaf we are looking for without stressing the plant further.


Find out more

To secure your stock of Recovery, or to find out more about the wider RHS-endorsed portfolio of organic-based lawn fertilisers from DJ Turfcare please visit or call 01483 200976.




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