ecofective® welcomes new plant & planet friendly additions

The ever-popular ecofective® portfolio of pesticide-free garden care essentials – exclusively available from Sipcam Home & Garden – has been further expanded with three exciting new products that support happy plants, happy planet and even raises funds for the incredible Greenfingers charity (as well as winning the company a Glee New Product award!)


ecofective® Basket and Tub Feed

Fresh for the 2023 season, Sipcam will see 50p from the sale of every bottle of the high-quality, organic-based ecofective® Basket and Tub Feed (RRP £7.49) donated to the Greenfingers charity, helping them to continue to build therapeutic gardens at children’s hospices across the country.


This specialist feed actively encourages nutrient uptake to enhance plant development and promote healthy and abundant growth. Suitable for use in hanging baskets as well as tub grown flowers, fruits and vegetables, a single 1.5L bottle can supply enough feed for 50 watering cans, making it a long-lasting and reliable feed throughout the summer months. Like all ecofective® products, Basket & Tub Feed is safe to use around children, pets and beneficial insects including bees.


Available to all trade customers, the hope is that the ongoing popularity of gardening and container gardening in particular, will help the company to hand over a sizeable cheque to the charity.


Talking about the all-new Basket and Tub Feed, Nigel Thompson, Head of Sales at Sipcam Home & Garden said: “Our industry has adopted Greenfingers as its charity of choice, and we are proud to offer our ongoing support to them as they continue to build even more therapeutic garden spaces in children’s hospices across the country. We sincerely hope that our special edition Basket and Tub Feed, and our relationship with our trade customers, will pay dividends for the charity both this season and beyond.”


Happy plants and happy planet with all-new Organic Superfood & Peat-Free Compost Booster

Launched exclusively at Glee 2022, two further introductions have also officially joined the ecofective® family, with one – Organic Superfood – scooping this year’s Glee New Product Awards – Best Growing Materials category.


The first is pelletised Organic Superfood, which takes its inspiration from the nutritional superfood market and the power of superfoods for positively impacting our wellbeing.


Offering a complete package of essential nutrients, all-new Organic Superfood has an NPK of 5-4-3 and is packed full of natural biostimulants, magnesium and organic matter. Each 800g box will help up to 40 plants, seedlings and potting plants thrive no matter the soil type or external condition.


Last but by no means least, the final product boosting the ecofective® portfolio ahead of the 2023 season is Peat-Free Compost Booster.


Created to partner with peat-free compost suppliers and to drive up the average basket spend and increase consumer engagement and confidence with peat-free growing media, this carefully balanced compost booster is full of all the essential nutrients plants need to grow within peat-free compost, including an NPK of 5-4-3 to enable greater growth and strong plants. Available in powder form, gardeners can easily mix it into the compost.


Peat-Free Compost Booster will benefit from informative labelling to help consumers at the point of sale. With weather-proof packaging, the Sipcam team has created something which can be quickly and easily cross-merchandised alongside their existing peat-free compost ranges.


As part of its new ‘happy plants, happy planet’ offering, both Organic Superfood and Peat-Free Compost Boost will benefit from six multi-actions designed to give the plant whatever they need to thrive; benefits which will be clearly illustrated on all supporting point of sale:

  • Crop yields are doubled and benefit from bigger, brighter blooms
  • Strengthens against disease attack
  • Supports plants during stressful conditions including heat, drought and over watering
  • Controlled release of nutrients for long lasting support
  • Improved water retention
  • Improved root development


Like all Basket and Tub Feed, all-new Organic Superfood and Peat-Free Compost Booster are child and pet safe. Both products are also made using a sustainable process that reduces Sipcam Home & Garden’s carbon footprint whilst also avoiding harmful gas emissions such as methane and ammonium.


Talking about these new products, Nigel Thompson, Head of Sales at Sipcam Home & Garden, said: “The ecofective® brand has always been focused on delivering easy to use yet highly effective gardening care solutions. These new introductions take this a step further by clearly illustrating the benefits for both plant and planet, something that we know will stand out in the retail setting and appeal to environmentally conscious gardeners. It’s an exciting prospect and one that we look forward to building on in the coming season.”


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About Sipcam Home & Garden

Sipcam Home & Garden is part of the Sipcam Group, one of the world’s top 20 agricultural suppliers and the only Italian company in the business of global crop protection. The family-owned group – with an annual turnover in excess of €500million – has a very impressive research and development capability, and through collaborations with universities and specialist research facilities is pioneering bio-technology to produce market leading control products, nutrients and bio-stimulants which will be key for the future of food production as conventional chemical technology becomes less available.


Sipcam Home & Garden is now in the exciting process of making the best of its professional technology available to the amateur gardener. It has much to offer today, and with an exciting pipeline of product developments still to come will be a key part of the EU retail marketplace moving forward.


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