New SuperLawn from The Real Soil Company

Whilst interest in The Real Soil Company’s original SuperSoil has remained strong, response to its brand-new SuperLawn, a peat-free lawn topsoil, has been overwhelmingly positive, with buyers excited that the product has created further potential in organic, peat-free gardening.


As sustainability and responsible gardening climb higher on consumers’ agendas, garden centre buyers are actively on the lookout for true innovation in the category and premium products that deliver on their promises. It’s little surprise then, that The Real Soil Company has had such a great Glee, as the brand showcases its flagship SuperSoil, Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil and now its latest lawn care innovation, SuperLawn.


New SuperLawn – one product is all you need

New SuperLawn – exclusively available for pre-season orders at Glee 2022 – is a rich blend of natural topsoil, soil improver and horticultural sand.


Packed full of slow releasing nutrients, trace elements and minerals, this all-in-one product helps lawns to thrive by improving the soil type and structure to give lawns the healthiest start. Like all products in The Real Soil Company portfolio, SuperLawn does not feature any artificial fertilisers or added chemicals, making it a natural and environmentally-friendly choice for both retailers and consumers alike. PAS100 certified and screened to 3mm, this uniform texture helps to create a perfectly level lawn and is the ideal choice for both experienced and amateur gardeners.


Like SuperSoil and Vegetable & Fruit, which together created a new chapter for topsoil, plugging a gap at the high-end of the market, retail buyers are excited that SuperLawn has further opened up a new category, created more opportunities in peat-free, organic gardening, and helped extend the lawncare sales period into the autumn months.


The Real Soil Company has strived to create a standout brand that competes within a highly-saturated marketplace. Featuring bright colours and hand-drawn illustrations, all packaging is informative, friendly and inspirational; helping to draw the consumers eye and making it easier for them to understand the application of each product. The quick explainer information on each pack also cuts through to the heart of the science, working to educate the consumer whilst increasing confidence in their purchase.


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