The Real Soil Company to showcase 100% peat free and organic Topsoil range at Glee 2022

The Real Soil Company will return to Glee from 28th – 30th June 2022 (Stand 7E33) after a fantastic trading period which saw premium garden centre consumers turn to sustainable, peat-free gardening in a big way.



Taking centre stage at Glee will be The Real Soil Company’s flagship SuperSoil – which keeps on climbing up industry bellwether bestseller charts – and its new 100% organic and natural Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil, a rich blend of topsoil and soil improver.


Both topsoil products have been enhanced with a unique blend of ethically sourced, peat-free booster components, which help plants to establish more quickly and offer improved water retention and better resilience against pests and disease. As well as making life easier for gardeners, the rewards will truly be reaped come harvest time, with edible crops benefiting from higher crop yields and improved nutritional value.


Show Offers

Trade customers visiting The Real Soil Company at Glee can look forward to a range of money-saving show offers and flexible delivery terms.


With more garden centres than ever-before realising the benefits of The Real Soil Company SuperSoil and Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil, Glee will offer the perfect opportunity to discover this incredible brand for yourself, or reorder and replenish stocks for seasons to come.


To ensure consumers can make educated buying decisions, each bag will clearly highlight the product’s special characteristics, specifically addressing the inclusion of essential elements such as phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, and organic matter.


James Romaine, Business Development Manager at The Real Soil Company said: “After such a strong year of trading in which sales have positively soared, we are greatly looking forward to meeting new and existing customers at Glee. This year we have a more comprehensive product portfolio thanks to the addition of Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil. We invite all garden retailers to come along to see the quality of our products for themselves and see how they can benefit from the range of special offers we’ll be presenting at Glee this year.”


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To find out more about The Real Soil Company’s 100% organic and natural topsoils, including how to become a stockist, please visit or email


Pull out box

The Real Soil Company’s peat-free, organic topsoil offering


Packed full of organic nutrients for optimal plant health, The Real Soil Company’s SuperSoil is entirely peat-free and sets a new standard for sustainable gardening, perfect for gardeners seeking the best peat-free alternatives for their growing requirements. Nutrient dense with a high phosphorous content, this wondrous SuperSoil consistently outperforms other topsoil brands, stimulating plant respiration and growth and providing the perfect foundation for luxuriant foliage and vividly coloured flowers.


Going peat-free with the confidence to grow prize-winning flowers, fruit and vegetables has never been easier than with SuperSoil from The Real Soil Company. Furthermore, as it is entirely composed of organic plant material, SuperSoil also meets the needs of vegan gardeners who want to be sure that the products they buy are aligned with their personal values.


Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil

Launched at the start of Spring 2022, in perfect time for this year’s crucial growing season, the new Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil from The Real Soil Company will (sun and rain permitting!) give homegrown produce the best possible growing environment.


A rich blend of topsoil and soil improver, Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil benefits from the same key characteristics as SuperSoil which enable plants and crops to thrive from day one, delivering delicious flavour, better nutritional content and higher crop yields. It is entirely free of any chemicals or artificial fertilisers.


The Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil features a 100% natural topsoil, coupled with 100% natural, organic peat-free compost that is PAS100 certified and analysed by The Real Soil Company’s soil scientists to ensure that every batch is perfectly blended in accordance with its own stringent formula. Each bag is packed with slow-releasing major nutrients, trace elements and minerals to provide plants with a continual boost throughout the growth cycle. Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil will also improve soil structure, provide greater water retention and better resistance against pests and diseases.




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