Wipe out weeds with Neudorff’s WeedFree Plus

Gardeners can achieve long-lasting control against regrowth of invasive annual and perennial weeds without resorting to using glyphosate, thanks to Neudorff’s fast-acting WeedFree Plus.


Available as a handy ready-to-use spray or concentrate, WeedFree plus tackles unwelcome invaders that commonly blight the appearance of gardens, such as ground elder, dandelion, stinging nettles, chickweed, plantain, field horsetail and thistles, as well as grasses.


WeedFree Plus ticks all the boxes for gardeners who are striving to cultivate plots in a manner that’s kinder to the environment. In addition to providing fast, visible results, treated areas can be replanted after just one day while children and pets can enter treated areas as soon as the spray has dried. The formulation is biodegradable, too.


Guy Jenkins, Consumer Manager at Neudorff’s UK distribution Partner, DLF Seeds Ltd, said: “We are witnessing two distinct trends that are influencing gardeners’ choices of weedkiller. The first is the increasing frequency of mild, wet winters which results in weeds actively growing later into the season, driving demand for weedkillers that cut the chore of weeding by providing long-lasting results.


“The second trend is a shift away from glyphosate-based weedkillers; however, gardeners will not compromise on performance. That’s why Neudorff’s WeedFree Plus is a proven winner, as it’s fast-acting with visible results within a day after treatment, while providing effective control against weed regrowth,” Guy added.


The secret behind WeedFree Plus is also Neudorff’s unique combination of two active ingredients. Pelargonic acid, which is found naturally in pelargoniums, results in weeds drying out within 24 hours of treatment while maleic acid hydrazide target










roots so they’re no longer able to carry on growing. The result is a weedkiller that gets to work fast, providing superior control during the major growth cycle of weeds.


Neudorff also has the ultimate solution for ridding paths of moss and algae, which can present a slippery hazard, especially after periods of wet weather. Fast Acting Moss & Algae Killer Concentrate is also based on pelargonic acid, is biodegradable and offers fast, visible results while being 100% glyphosate-free.


For 2022, Fast Acting Moss & Algae Killer Concentrate comes in new, ergonomically designed, easier-to-use bottles that feature enhanced labelling, helping gardeners to get to grips with moss and algae-ridden paths around trees and woody ornamental plants with ease.


A 750ml pack of WeedFree Plus has a RRP of £7.49 while a 1,020ml pack of WeedFree Plus Concentrate has a RRP of £20.99, and a 1l bottle of Fast Acting Moss & Algae Killer Concentrate has a RRP of £14.99. For more information visit www.neudorff.co.uk or find online stockists on www.neudorff.co.uk/stockists.html.


Neudorff, experts in natural gardening since 1854, is one of the few companies worldwide to develop its own plant protection and plant care products, with the widest range of products certified by the Organic Farmers and Growers’ Association. Since entering the UK market in 2012, the company has built-up an enviable reputation for offering the highest quality gardening products that are gentle to people, pets and the environment.



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