Neudorff – the award-winning sustainable gardening pioneer

Sustainability may be the buzzword throughout the garden industry but for Neudorff, developing products in harmony with nature has always run in the company’s DNA. In fact, the business has been pioneering the development of natural gardening products since 1854 – and its quest to bring to market products that are gentle to people, pets and the environment remains at the forefront of its drive for innovation.


Neudorff, which is launching its new sulphur-based Mildew Clear for Edibles at Glee (NEC Birmingham, 14-16 September), has become synonymous with natural gardening since entering the UK market in 2012, due to its unwavering commitment to working with active ingredients from plants and other natural resources wherever possible.


This long-standing commitment to exceeding the demands of environmentally conscious consumers was honoured last year when Neudorff was crowned the winner of the German Sustainability Award 2021, in the category ‘Transformation Resources’. Neudorff championed over stiff competition due to its holistic approach to environmentally friendly product development – while demonstrating clear leadership in resource-conserving production.


In a move that will further strengthen its environmental credentials, Neudorff’s full 250ml concentrate bottles are being converted to a more environmentally friendly material, 90% recycled plastic. This move will see an annual saving of around 7.5 tons of CO2 – the equivalent of planting 600 beech trees. This in turn will enable the company to cut its use of virgin plastics by 4.7 tons per year (that’s enough plastic to produce 11,000 watering cans) and, of course, all of Neudorff’s bottles are 100% recyclable, reinforcing the company’s commitment to closed loop manufacturing.











Guy Jenkins, Consumer Manager at Neudorff’s UK distribution Partner, DLF Seeds Ltd, said: “Since its foundation more than 165 years ago, Neudorff’s mission has been to develop products that harness the power of nature and leave a minimal footprint on the planet. The fact that Neudorff has the widest range of products certified by the Organic Farmers and Growers’ Association underpins its dedication to helping garden retail achieve unprecedented levels of sustainability.


Twenty years ago, Neudorff led the market by repurposing wastepaper for its packaging and to this day it strives to use renewable, local raw materials wherever possible. Electricity is generated using hydropower and photovoltaics while the company utilises waste heat from a nearby biogas plant, allowing it to save around 350,000kWh of natural gas per year. With sustainability enshrined into the core of its activities, every aspect of the business is continually scrutinised to develop innovative resource-saving solutions and Neudorff is proud to strive towards ambitious goals to further reduce its carbon footprint,” Guy explained.


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Neudorff, experts in natural gardening since 1854, is one of the few companies worldwide to develop its own plant protection and plant care products, with the widest range of products certified by the Organic Farmers and Growers’ Association. Since entering the UK market in 2012, the company has built-up an enviable reputation for offering the highest quality gardening products that are gentle to people, pets and the environment.



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