Help eco-savvy consumers refresh their gardens with stylish recycled rubber decking and planters

The demand for eco-friendly, sustainable products has never been greater, as consumers carry a heightened awareness of their impact on the planet and are determined to make better choices. But, that doesn’t mean they are willing to compromise on style or creating the perfect aesthetic for their outside space. On the contrary; the pressure is now on for retailers to provide customers with outdoor products that capitalise on key décor trends, whilst reducing users’ carbon footprints and easing their conscience. Fortunately, Primeur boasts such a range – from easy-install decking solutions, to chic indoor and outdoor planters, all made from recycled rubber and currently flying off the shelves – meaning stockists can help boost their bottom line, whilst helping their customers do more for the environment.


All decked out

Creating flexible outdoor spaces that cater to different lifestyles is very much on trend right now, with decking used to zone areas in gardens and on balconies, adding more interest and functionality. For so many, time and money is also at a premium now that lockdown life is over, which is why solutions that offer savings on both those things will always be a hit with customers.


Shoppers who already have decking in place but want to revamp it quickly will love Primeur’s EZ Tile range. The interlocking floor system allows users to renew any outdoor living space in a matter of minutes, delivering an attractive and robust, maintenance-free surface that offers impressive durability and extreme weather resistance.

Available in a wood-effect Cosmopolitan finish and Mosaic, which is styled to look like tiled flooring, not only does this collection completely transform outdoor areas but its green credentials are fantastic too.


EZ Tiles are made entirely using recycled rubber tyres, utilising a waste material that would otherwise take at least eight decades to break down in landfill, but also making the tiles virtually indestructible. The beauty of this recycled material is that it will not crack, fade, stain or rot and, yet, it is non-toxic, making it safe for use on lawns and in gardens with children and pets – something that should tick all the right boxes for today’s modern gardener. With 19.25million tonnes of rubber tyres produced globally in 2019, socially-conscious shoppers will embrace a range that transforms this prolific waste material into attractive products they can use to elevate their garden or balcony.


Those looking to install new decking and flooring in the garden, will be inspired by the easy-fix MultyDeck™ range from Primeur, which allows users to build decking, lay pathways, and create seating and patio areas rapidly, without the need for a wooden framework.


Brand new for 2022, the versatile product offers a ‘floating deck’ design and can even be used under sheds, bin tidies, greenhouses and hot tubs. MultyDeck™ doesn’t require any specialist tools or know-how; significantly speeding up a number of outdoor projects and making them cheaper and more accessible for those with a limited DIY skillset. Products are supported by simple installation videos that customers can view online, with complete step-by-step guides and instructions.


Like EZ Tile, this range also taps into consumers’ desire for eco-friendly garden products, as each decking plate’s channels are manufactured from recycled rubber and, therefore, boast the same qualities and outstanding durability as other Primeur’s eco lines, whilst responsibly reducing the amount of rubber that goes to landfill.


Merchandising units clearly communicate key benefits to customers and demonstrate just how quick and easy they are to lay, whilst also flagging up the important eco messaging and use of recycled material.


Profitable and planet-friendly planters

What better way to advise customers dress their decking areas, patios and balconies than with a selection of elegant and on-trend planters. Even better, is an award-winning range that repurposes rubber waste and turns it into something that, not only looks good but also helps plants to thrive.


That’s exactly what you get with Primeur’s Tierre Verde collection. In fact, two medium Tierra Verde planters save one tyre’s worth of scrap rubber from landfill, giving gardeners the confidence that they are making a positive impact by buying into this collection. To put this into context, Primeur has repurposed more than 5,000,000 tyres over the past year alone, thanks to its recycled rubber ranges.


And, again, your customers won’t have to compromise on performance because, not only do these stunning planters make a style statement and a difference to the planet, the rubber used to make them offers added benefits, acting as insulation to help protect roots from seasonal temperatures. Eco-innovation allows these show-stopping planters to withstand temperatures of -50˚C to +50˚C, as well as guaranteeing they won’t crack or disintegrate.


A clever self-watering reservoir makes life even easier for busy gardeners, who want great results but don’t have the time or know-how to maintain their plants as well as they would like. A handy drainage plug gives the option of using planters indoors or out, tying in perfectly with the trend for blurring the lines between inside and outside spaces.


Thanks to the wide variety of designs available in a host of sizes, customers are guaranteed to find something to suit their space and the look they want to achieve. From modern, clean lines, to traditional designs and textured finishes, all supplied in slate or steel grey colourways, there’s something for everyone.


Whilst larger models are selling well, smaller sizes have also been introduced to cater for the nation’s ever-growing love of houseplants.

The Sonata collection has, in particular, proved popular this past year, as customers favour the sleek, geometric design and choice of upright style or trough shape. Brand new for 2022 is the beautiful Flamenco planter, with its modern cylindrical pedestal design; also expected to be a top choice.


Another huge perk for retailers is that, unlike traditional stone or ceramic pots, Primeur’s rubber pots are unbreakable and don’t suffer the same risk of damage in transit or while on display in store, which is great news when it comes to reducing costly stock shrinkage.

The full range of Tierra Verde planters is effectively supported by pallet merchandising units, complete with high-impact pallet skirts that stop shoppers in their tracks, thanks to striking lifestyle photography and prominent highlighting of key benefits and eco-friendly messaging.


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