OASE ORGANIX – the sustainable choice driving consumer demand

Launched in late 2020, new ORGANIX from leading premium aquatic experts, OASE UK, has been leading the charge in bringing sustainable aquatic feeds to the fore.


An important addition to OASE UK’s product portfolio, ORGANIX represents the highest quality fish food in the world; opening up a new sales opportunity for retailers, as well as capturing the interest of today’s consumers, as they look to make more sustainable choices within their homes.


Made using all-natural ingredients, gently and sustainably harvested from the Alaskan coast, the new ORGANIX range is designed to provide aquarium owners with the best-possible food for their treasured aquatic animals. Fish are treated to a varied and natural menu; all of which is freshly prepared and free from artificial preservatives. Not only does this allow passionate aquarists to maintain a top-class diet for the aquarium inhabitants in their care but the lack of excess oils and additives in the food keeps aquarium water clearer and free from pollutants – a definite win/win for your customers.


ORGANIX is available in a range of pack sizes and is offered as granulate, flakes or tabs to suit the eating habits of any species.


New ORGANIX also boasts significant environmental credentials; all of which are clearly communicated at point of sale and across the range’s eye-catching, informative packaging. Each product family clearly showcases its application, e.g. Power Flakes, Colour Granulate, Snack Sticks, on pack via colour-coded labelling, with the ‘natural’ origins of the food clearly highlighted for consumer reference, providing customers with all the information they need to understand the source of the product they are buying and how best to use it.


Market-leading point of sale

Retailers can benefit from OASE UK’s extensive range of point of sale materials, including TEGO shelving and branded fish bags. Two merchandising units are also available to help drive sales in-store. The striking units take inspiration from the source of the ORGANIX range, Alaska, and feature stunning seascape imagery to stop shoppers in their tracks and immediately link the products back to their origins.


The freestanding unit boasts a footprint of just 0.25m2, which offers retailers greater flexibility, with the freedom to co-locate the display alongside other aquarium lines or in a number of key locations around the shopfloor, helping to generate linked sales and drive up basket spend, whilst building all-important brand awareness amongst customers. A helpful information panel outlines the main benefits of the ORGANIX range quickly and easily, in both text and visual forms, enabling customers to make more informed decisions at point of sale.


Meanwhile, a handy top-shelf merchandising display with bold, attractive branding, provides another flexible and eye-catching display solution for retailers. The unit holds up to 48 tubs of ORGANIX food and can even be used as a counter-top display by the till to encourage impulse buys, as shoppers make their final purchases.


Andy Bond, National Sales Manager at OASE UK said: “Retailers who stock ORGANIX food are able to offer their customers a range of aquatic food that stands head and shoulders above the rest – an excellent added-value product, which when used, promises lively fish and outstanding water quality.


“Unlike a lot of conventional fish food, where nutrients are often simply sprayed on and tend to wash straight out in the water, the 100%-natural ingredients in the ORGANIX family of products intrinsically contain minerals, trace elements and unsaturated fatty acids. This means discerning aquarists who choose ORGANIX are able to feed their fish the pure power of nature.”


With eight varieties available and different dosage forms, the high-quality recipe is suitable for all types of aquarium inhabitants worldwide. ORGANIX can be used as a complete main food or in combination, bringing variety to the menu. RRPs range from £4.99 for a 150ml tub of ORGANIX Daily Flakes to £131.99 for a 5-litre pack of Veggie Tabs.


As an organisation, OASE places the importance of sustainability and nature conservation high on its agenda. Gently harvesting the natural ingredients for its products in the uncontaminated waters off the coast of Alaska, OASE is also one of the few companies in the world to enjoy access to the exclusive licence for sustainable management. All ingredients are certified in accordance with the requirements of the Maritime Stewardship Council (MSC).


Find out more

To find out more about becoming an OASE ORGANIX retailer please call +44 (0)1256 896886, or email uksales@OASE.com.


Further details regarding the full ORGANIX range can be found at www.OASE.com/organix




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