ecofective® launches ‘greener’ packaging solutions

Sipcam Home & Garden has further enhanced its ecofective® range of products by offering eco-friendly packaging solutions across the full range. The positive move will help eco-conscious gardeners make better choices regarding the products they use by embracing safer chemical alternatives and reducing waste.


As experts in pioneering biotechnology, Sipcam created its ecofective® brand to provide environmentally sensitive garden care products that, not only provide effective solutions to common gardening problems, but do so without negatively impacting the environment. Sipcam Home & Garden has now taken that commitment one step further with new ‘greener’ packaging across its entire ecofective® range of garden care products.


All bottles are made from 100%-recycled materials and are fully recyclable at end of life. To help reduce plastic waste even further, ecofective® now offers a selection of refill options to fill large ready-to-use bottles. A brand-new concept to the range, the 200ml refills contain a concentrated formula that, when mixed with water, can be used to create a new ready-to-use product in an existing ecofective® bottle. This means gardeners can continue using their larger bottle and simply recycle the smaller refill, which is better news for the planet! What’s more, the refill bottles occupy a smaller footprint on shelf, freeing up more space for retailers.  Refills are currently available for ecofective‘s Bug & Mildew Control, Bug Control, Plant Disease Defence, Rose Defender, Slug Defence Spray, and Organic Pour & Feed.


All of ecofective’s products are made in the UK – meaning they already boast a low carbon footprint – but these latest steps should give gardeners even greater peace of mind, helping them to play a part in the war against single-use plastic.


Nigel Thompson, Head of Sales at Sipcam Home & Garden said: “Our latest market research has shown that consumers want to create a thriving garden that is kinder to the planet, whilst keeping their loved ones and animals from harm. To meet this demand, we have developed a range of products that create a safer environment for children, pets and wildlife; meaning everyone can roam free and enjoy the outdoor space. What’s more, our new packaging solutions add an additional ‘reason to buy’ at the point of purchase and help consumers to engage with a brand which takes environmental protection incredibly seriously.”


The ecofective® brand primarily strives to arm gardeners with very effective alternatives to conventional chemical garden care products and, as testament to its performance, is also used by professional growers. All ecofective® formulas are pesticide-free, with eye-catching packaging clearly highlighting all products as ‘child and pet safe’, helping consumers make informed decisions at point of purchase.


New additions to the range in 2021 are: Plant Disease Defence, Slug Defence Plant Spray, Anti-Bacterial Multi-Purpose Outdoor Sanitiser, Natural Path, Patio & Decking Cleaner Concentrate, Houseplant Pour & Feed, and Houseplant Bug Control.


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Sipcam Home & Garden’s new product introductions

Plant Disease Defence is a ready-to-use spray that contains natural extracts, specifically derived from fungi. When sprayed onto leaves it elicits the plants natural immune response, building the plant’s resistance to common garden diseases.


Another ready-to-use spray, Slug Defence Plant Spray gives plants an ability to withstand slugs or snails, whilst ensuring the slimy pests are all unharmed and that natural predators, such as hedgehogs, amphibians and birds are safe to feed in your garden. The product also contains nutrients to enhance and promote plant growth.


The demand for sanitising products skyrocketed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and many consumers were left wanting in their hunt for ‘safer’ cleaning products. Anti-Bacterial Multi-Purpose Outdoor Sanitiser from ecofective® is a natural sanitiser, which helps prevent the spread of harmful bacteria. It is non-hazardous and kills 99.999% of bacteria, helping to clean and sanitise outdoor surfaces, including furniture, door handles, children’s play equipment and BBQ’s.


Meanwhile, Natural Path, Patio & Decking Cleaner Concentrate is a natural anti-bacterial cleaner that cleans and disinfects outdoor hard surfaces, including paths, patios, decking, and artificial grass areas. When diluted, the product will clean away dirt, grime and algae, and will also sanitise areas, killing 99.999% of bacteria.


As the nation’s love affair with houseplants is still going strong, Sipcam has also launched Houseplant Pour & Feed for 2021. The ready-to-use organic feed requires no mixing, providing added convenience for gardeners. Produced from a blend of natural ingredients, sugars, amino proteins and phosphate, this brand-new feed helps houseplants grow stronger and healthier, giving great results sooner. Suitable for most potted plants grown indoors.


Houseplant Bug Control is a ready-to-use pesticide-free spray for safe use on edible and ornamental indoor plants. Designed to control a wide range of pest species, including Whitefly, Aphid, Red Spider Mites, Mealybug, Scale and Psyllid. Due to the physical mode of action, these pests will not become resistant to the application. Houseplant Bug Control also protects against powdery mildew.



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About Sipcam Home & Garden

Sipcam Home & Garden is part of the Sipcam Group, one of the world’s top 20 agricultural suppliers and the only Italian company in the business of global crop protection. The family-owned group – with an annual turnover in excess of €500million – has a very impressive research and development capability, and through collaborations with universities and specialist research facilities is pioneering bio-technology to produce market leading control products, nutrients and bio-stimulants which will be key for the future of food production as conventional chemical technology becomes less available.


Sipcam Home & Garden is now in the exciting process of making the best of its professional technology available to the amateur gardener. It has much to offer today, and with an exciting pipeline of product developments still to come will be a key part of the EU retail marketplace moving forward.