Spring into container gardening with LECHUZA

Whether you’re looking for an abundance of cheerful colour after the cold, gloomy winter, or want to create a lush indoor jungle with a mix of houseplants and succulents, LECHUZA – the expert in beautiful and functional planters – shares its five failsafe tips for successful container gardening this spring.


  • Think about drainage

This is a key first step because the right amount of drainage can be a matter of life and death for your plants. Waterlogged soil causes a plant’s roots to rot and is likely to kill it. Consider drainage when purchasing the pots you plan to use. The minimum size for a drainage hole is half an inch in diameter for small or medium-sized pots, whilst larger pots will need holes at least an inch in diameter.


If the pot you have doesn’t have sufficient drainage, you can drill or punch bigger holes in the base. For a simple solution, opt for one of LECHUZA’s stylish and highly-functional self-watering pots (RRPs starting from £8.99 for a table planter) which has a smart irrigation system that regulates the supply of water to the roots, so that the plant always receives just the right amount.


  • Choose the right soil

Fill your containers with a high-quality potting soil. Don’t use soil directly from your garden because, unlike potting mix, which includes ingredients like perlite and vermiculite to improve aeration and keep soil loose and well-draining, earth from your garden is likely to harden and compact, when dry.


A soil alternative is mineral substrate mix, LECHUZA-PON (RRP £12.99), which stabilises the ideal PH balance for healthy plant growth and provides the optimal air/water ratio, thus reducing the plant’s vulnerability to diseases. The substrate creates balanced nutrient distribution in the root area of the planter and acts like a buffer that absorbs excessive fertiliser and gives it back to the plant when needed. The structurally-stable plant substrate does not condense over time and retains its air-permeable structure, meaning it can be used for years, without having to be replaced.


  • Look at your light

Different plant varieties have varying needs and likes when it comes to light so, when selecting your plants, take note of the care tags and make sure you know whether they grow best in sun or shade. You want to avoid mixing sun- and shade-loving plants in the same pot if you are creating an arrangement. There are also plenty of houseplants that can tolerate low light if you are worried your home may be too dark for anything to thrive. It is worth saving these care tags to remind yourself of feeding and watering requirements.


  • Feed your plants

Although the perfect consistency for container planting, many potting mixes don’t always contain enough nutrients for your plant, so be sure to fertilise regularly. You can mix a slow-release fertiliser into your soil when you pot up and then regularly treat plants to a liquid plant food added into your watering can when you water. To make your job even easier, some brands offer pre-mixed feed, designed specifically for container gardening, that you can just pour into pots straight from the bottle.


  • Choose plants that suit your lifestyle

To have the most fun and chance of success, assess how you live before you take the plunge. There will be a type of container garden that suits your lifestyle. For example, if you’re not keen on watering, then grow succulents and other drought-resistant plants and allow your LECHUZA planter to do the hard work for you. If you want something that will last and return to bloom again next year, choose to plant perennials and be sure to deadhead or chop back when necessary to encourage further growth and keep them blooming. Alternatively, if you like to chop and change with the seasons, plant annual flowers and swap out for new ones, as and when you need to. Just do a little research and find out what works for you.


If you’re still looking for inspiration on how to make the most of container gardening this season, LECHUZA offers a few more ideas:


Tasty treats – strawberry plants thrive in pots and hanging baskets. They appreciate a slightly warmer soil temperature and good drainage. Plant June-bearing varieties in early spring for a first harvest in early summer. Alternatively, plant herbs for use when cooking or if you want to pep up your cocktails.


Colourful spring blooms – a bright arrangement of mixed spring flowers of various heights – including pansies, tulips, daffodils, and grape hyacinths – can look striking in a pot. If you missed the boat with planting bulbs in autumn, head to your garden centre to pick up potted bulbs and plant them together in a LECHUZA container for a pop of colour in just a few weeks. Top tip: Look for ones that are just beginning to bud for a co-ordinated bloom time.


Office buddy – for a more interesting view in your home office, consider fun and unusual planters. The iconic LECHUZA PURO (RRP £14.99) combines a funky and unusual spherical design with a matte surface that just longs to be touched. Like all LECHUZA planters, the PURO comes complete with a dedicated irrigation system and water indicator. Available in grey and white, the PURO planter will be at home on any desk – just remember to leave some room for your computer!



LECHUZA brings decades of experience in state-of-the-art, precision manufacturing to bear on its stylish high-functionality range of planters. All LECHUZA products are designed in-house and manufactured in Dietenhofen, Germany, from high-quality, robust polypropylene, which is weatherproof and frostproof. All LECHUZA planters and furniture are DIN EN ISO certified (Energy Management System 50001 and Enviornmental Management System ISO 14001) and can be fully recycled.


LECHUZA planters come in a variety of colours and shapes and are highly reliable – both indoors and outdoors. The integrated soil irrigation system ensures that the plant receives the perfect amount of water for optimal growth. Thanks to a reservoir that always holds enough water and is controlled by a water level indicator, dried out or overwatered root bales are a thing of the past.


For more information visit: https://www.lechuza.co.uk or follow @lechuza.co.uk on Instagram.




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Notes to editors

  • LECHUZA planters are fully recyclable
  • All LECHUZA planter liners are made from 100% recycled* material
  • LECHUZA processes 990 tonnes of recycled* plastic each year
  • LECHUZA reuses 100% of plastic waste in production
  • As part of LECHUZA’s sustainability efforts, over 70% of the water used in production comes from cisterns.
  • LECHUZA is a multi-award winning brand including the 2019 Design Award, Reddot Award winners 2018 and German Design Award winner 2019.


* post-industrial material