Never worry about watering again with LECHUZA self-irrigating planters

You love your kitchen garden, but you also love the idea of getting away for the weekend or going abroad on holiday when lockdown finally ends – without having to worry about thirsty plants arriving at death’s door. So, what’s the solution to this perennial plant-lover’s problem?


Multi-award-winning German manufacturing brand, LECHUZA, has an answer to suit any indoor or outdoor space, with a collection of more than 300 beautiful contemporary planters. The integrated irrigation system guarantees you never need worry about under (or over) watering ever again and they are backed by a strong sustainable message as each and every planter is made from 100% recycled material.


While traditional terracotta and porcelain planters have a certain rustic charm, sometimes you need that extra bit of functionality for optimum growing conditions. LECHUZA planters are designed to withstand any weather conditions and ensure your plants have just the right amount of water and nutrition at any given time, something the more traditional planters cannot yet boast. What’s more, your plants are going to thank you profusely for their new home, with a stronger and healthier abundance of green goodness and high yields.


There is a LECHUZA model to suit any kind of cultivated plant, from large decorative houseplants and fruit trees through to organic vegetables, exotic flowers or hanging baskets. You can even set up a high-functionality but luxurious-looking green wall of herbs in your kitchen or update your cottage garden in a way that means future maintenance will be as effortless as possible.


A highlight of the 2021 collection and brand new for this year is PILA (RRP £28.99 – £58.99), which has already been awarded a Special Mention in the German Design Award 2021, for Excellent Product Design in Gardening and Outdoor Living.


Versatile enough to enhance any living space, from the kitchen or home office through to roof terraces or gardens, PILA’s inspired modular design is not simply strong on aesthetics, but ideal for low-maintenance grow-your-own solutions coupled with a unique storage solution – perfect where space is at a premium either in the home or in the garden.  This winning combination of beautifully designed planters with an integrated irrigation system and practical storage elements, perfectly meets the requirements of stylish and sustainable contemporary living. Simply put the modules together as desired, add plants and relax!


Repotting is also made as easy as possible with removable liners which have a built-in water supply incorporated into every planter in the range.


Further in the LECHUZA collection, pretty combinations of delicate daisies and bee-friendly lavender are ideal for the classic BALCONERA planters (from RRP £26.99), while the high plant column CUBICO (from RRP £26.99) puts spectacular floral arrangements on an eye-catching pedestal. NIDO hanging baskets (RRP £26.99) are perfect for romantic trailing flowers herb tendrils, just as larger planters like CUBE (RRP £11.99 – £139.99) or TRIO (from RRP £130.99) are ideal for small fruit trees or tomato plants.


A thoughtful blend of different planters allows you to create totally unique arrangements of your favourite plants. Long and narrow surfaces like shelves or windowsills are perfect for decorative planter arrangements and corner spaces need never be boring again.


Along with magnetic brackets for easy green wall construction, LECHUZA has planter solutions which can be easily attached to a wooden ladder or balcony rail, to showcase a variety of trailing plants and flowers to their best advantage.


The colour palette for this year has been refreshed in line with the latest trends in home interiors to include three harmonious neutrals – light grey, slate and sand brown – and vivid tones of coral red, calming green and petrol blue.


LECHUZA’s Arvin Bhudia said: “Traditional gardeners may be unfamiliar with plastic innovation and the LECHUZA offering but we are confident they will like what they see. Our offering includes both traditional and contemporary designs, all of which are backed by our innovative irrigation solutions, and also supported by a strong sustainable message and multiple benefits including impact resistance, lightweight, UV-resistant and frost proof; benefits which traditional ceramic or terracotta planters cannot claim. LECHUZA really represents the next generation in planters, so why not join our community and see how we can help update your garden in 2021 and beyond?”


In more detail: Self-watering with LECHUZA

LECHUZA planters offer two ways to keep your plants hydrated thanks to its advanced self-watering system. Let’s find out how it works!


Classic system – used in conjunction with LECHUZA-PON substrate in the plant liner or directly within the planter, this system helps your plants follow a three-phase programme for maximum health and growth.

  • First is the ‘planting’ phase where your plant of choice is transferred into your new LECHUZA pot.
  • Next follows the ‘growing-in’ phase. This 12-week phase requires your plant to be watered as normal by pouring water from above. Once the growing-in phase is complete, the plant is able to care for itself.
  • The final stage is the ‘watering and dry’ phase. During this stage the water reservoir should be filled until the indicator reads “max”. Your plant is now ready to care for itself, however, do keep an eye on the water indicator as a reading of “min” will indicate the beginning of the dry phase (2-10 days dependent on plant and location). After each dry phase simply refill the water reservoir until the indicator reads “max” once again.

Wick system – this system is quick and simple as the wick allows for smaller plants to be kept in their pots when planting them into their new LECHUZA pot.

  • Simply gather you grow pot and LECHUZA wick.
  • Insert the wick into the underside of the grow pot.
  • Place the grow pot in the planter, water and enjoy!



LECHUZA brings decades of experience in state-of-the-art, precision manufacturing to bear on its stylish high-functionality range of planters. All LECHUZA products are designed in-house and manufactured in Dietenhofen, Germany, from high-quality, robust polypropylene, which is weatherproof and frostproof. All LECHUZA planters and furniture are DIN EN ISO certified (Energy Management System 50001 and Enviornmental Management System ISO 14001) and can be fully recycled.


LECHUZA planters come in a variety of colours and shapes and are highly reliable – both indoors and outdoors. The integrated soil irrigation system ensures that the plant receives the perfect amount of water for optimal growth. Thanks to a reservoir that always holds enough water and is controlled by a water level indicator, dried out or overwatered root bales are a thing of the past.


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Notes to editors

  • LECHUZA planters are fully recyclable
  • All LECHUZA planter liners are made from 100% recycled* material
  • LECHUZA processes 990 tonnes of recycled* plastic each year
  • LECHUZA reuses 100% of plastic waste in production
  • As part of LECHUZA’s sustainability efforts, over 70% of the water used in production comes from cisterns.
  • LECHUZA is a multi-award winning brand including the 2019 Design Award, Reddot Award winners 2018 and German Design Award winner 2019.


* post-industrial material