Add value to planter sales with LECHUZA PON

Lock in linked sales and create added value for customers browsing for the perfect pot to help their plants thrive

 The wealth of planters on offer to consumers in store is enough to overwhelm but, once they have got past which ‘look’ they want to create at home or in their garden, what more can retailers offer them to ensure their green-fingered endeavours are a success? With LECHUZA’s specially-formulated PON substrate, you have a perfect opportunity to create linked sales to keep those tills ringing or, even, upsell customers to a series of LECHUZA self-watering planters that come complete with the miracle-working substrate; adding value and interest to what would otherwise be a fairly ordinary transaction.


LECHUZA PON substrate consists of high quality, mineral stones – Bims, Lava, and Zeolith – that are free from contamination and pollutants. It also loaded with slow-release fertiliser to keeps plants fed for six to eight months. LECHUZA PON is free-flowing and replaces potting compost, meaning it is all customers need to get growing, once they have selected the pot of their choice.


The susbtrate creates the optimal air/water ratio for plants of 45% water/55% air, thus providing the best aeration system for root growth, and reducing the plant’s vulnerability to diseases, whilst also preventing mould growth; all key to keeping the resident plant healthy. LECHUZA-PON has a continuous capillarity up to the planter’s surface, which means even undergrowth and small rooted plants get the perfect amount of water. Creating a stable pH level of 7.1 (CaCI2), it is suitable for use with all plants, including citrus and orchids.


Classic LECHUZA PON is supplied in 3-litre, 6-litre, 12-litre, and 18-litre bags, meaning retailers can locate smaller handy bags in the houseplant department or close to tabletop pots, and then site larger bags alongside bigger indoor or outdoor planters. RRP from £4.99.


Three further varieties of substrate are available in the range; each specially formulated to suit the needs of different plants and therefore expanding PON’s appeal to a wider range of consumers.


LECHUZA TERRAPON is made from the same high-quality raw materials used in professional horticulture: pumice, expanded clay, and an effective fertiliser combination. The fresh organic clay naturally stores water and nutrients and provides balanced plant care. It also prevents fungus that attack the plant’s roots. Can be used to plant nearly all house, balcony and garden plants, with the exception of bog garden plants. Supplied in 6-litre, 12-litre 15-litre bags. RRP from £8.99.

ORCHIDPON, a special humic granulate, helps to lower the pH value in the soil, thus creating a slightly acidic soil environment. This provides ideal conditions for orchids to thrive and produce lush flowers. Supplied in 3-litre and 6-litre packs. RRP from £5.99.


VEGGIEPON is LECHUZA’s first substrate specifically developed for growing vegetables. The nutrient-rich substrate mix is enriched with vegan fertiliser and premium plant-based carbon for maximum harvest results. Available in 6-litre and 12-litre packs. RRP from £12.99.


To help retailers guarantee their customers greater success with their plants and to boost their top line, there is also a huge opportunity to upsell shoppers to LECHUZA pots and planters that come with PON substrate included, providing them with a complete low-maintenance gardening solution. The unique substrate works hand in hand with the integrated smart irrigation system that each LECHUZA planter boasts, as its structure creates optimum drainage and regulates the supply of water to the roots, preventing waterlogging.

Overwatering may be one of the biggest killers of plants, but novice gardeners need not shy away from growing when LECHUZA’s self-watering pots take the guesswork out of plant care. The clever stick irrigation system delivers the ideal level of moisture to plants, while an easy-read water-level indicator lets users know when to top up the water reservoir.


Together, LECHUZA’s pots and PON substrate really are the dream team in keeping plants happy and healthy.


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Notes to editors

  • LECHUZA planters are fully recyclable
  • All LECHUZA planter liners are made from 100% recycled* material
  • LECHUZA processes 990 tonnes of recycled* plastic each year
  • LECHUZA reuses 100% of plastic waste in production
  • As part of LECHUZA’s sustainability efforts, over 70% of the water used in production comes from cisterns.
  • LECHUZA is a multi-award winning brand including the 2019 Design Award, Reddot Award winners 2018 and German Design Award winner 2019.


* post-industrial material