Transform you garden into a blaze of winter glory with frost-proof Tierra Verde planters

When the going gets tough, the tough get growing! And there’s no tougher planter to help gardeners keep plants snug and sound during freezing winter conditions than Primeur’s eco-friendly, award-winning Tierra Verde collection.


As gardeners know all too well, outdoor pottery that isn’t frost proof has a tendency to crack or shatter when temperatures dip below zero, while winter storms can quickly render Terracotta or glazed containers a-gonner if they’re toppled by a gale. Both risks are immediately eliminated with unbreakable Tierra Verde planters due to their unique, robust recycled rubber formulation which enables these super-tough pots to shrug off the worst of winter weather with ease – and they won’t attract mould or mildew, even in relentlessly wet weather.


Primeur, the company behind Tierra Verde, is also throwing the spotlight on another benefit of Tierra Verde: its self-watering capability. The pots’ built-in reservoir is a bonus in summer, storing precious rainwater so it’s available to plants’ thirsty roots, but this clever system ensures that planters can never become saturated – a bonus in winter when moisture requirements are low. When the reservoir is full, excess water drains out via an overflow valve, allowing water to escape through the underneath of the base of the planter. It’s a smart moisture management system that eradicates the danger of winter root rot due to saturated containers – a common problem during the colder months, especially where established plants have built-up extensive root networks.


Tierra Verde planters also feature a handy removable drain plug that’s taken out when containers are sited outdoors to allow water to drain away freely, but should be inserted where planters are used indoors, protecting carpets and flooring by preventing any water from escaping.


Primeur’s Sarah McLafferty said: “Whatever winter throws at us, gardeners can relax in the knowledge that Tierra Verde planters will remain unfazed by freezing or icy weather. Their robust, durable structure has been engineered for year-round use, putting an end to unwelcome springtime bills for replacing damaged pottery. Now that the clocks have gone back, there’s no need for containers to sit empty over winter, however. We’ve put together some brilliant winter plant combinations for Tierra Verde planters that’ll dazzle even in the depths of winter – whether you’re looking to inject a touch of midwinter cheer to patios, or delight guests arriving this Christmas with vibrant buds, berries and flowers.”



Get the look this winter with Tierra Verde

Millions of containers sit idle over winter once tired summer bedding is consigned to the compost heap in autumn. That’s a waste, because superb winter interest plants and shrubs are at garden centres now that’ll look spectacular in Tierra Verde pots over winter. Simply fill your container with a quality compost and consider the easy-to-grow choices below.


Idea 1 – Naturalistic planting with grasses and berries

Add winter-long interest to low planters using evergreen ornamental grasses, which make great companions for the stalwart of winter displays: Skimmia japonica ‘Rubella’ – a compact, slow-growing shrub which bears vibrant, tightly packed ornamental red buds all winter-long. Evergreen heucheras, clump-formers with intensely coloured lobed leaves that are available in a multitude of shades, work a treat whether planted several to a pot or mixed with other winter interest plants (lighter shades of heuchera perfectly offset the darker tones of Tierra Verde planters).


Idea 2 – Opt for classic mid-winter foliage

Box topiary (Buxus sempervirens) creates a stately look when housed in Tierra Verde containers, raising the profile of entrances when placed either side of a doorway – especially when its elegant pyramids or globes are dusted with frost or snow. Or opt for arching, strap-like leaves of phormium in red or green shades to add height and drama to containers, underplanted by the festive red berry-laden stems of wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens). Vibrantly coloured winter heathers, available in a host of shades, are perfect for plugging gaps in pots.


Idea 3 – Brighten bleak days with a riot of colour

The Jerusalem cherry (Solanum) will introduce glowing ornamental berries to your Tierra Verde planters that resemble mini cherry tomatoes, while Gaultheria mucronata may be a mouthful to pronounce, but this small prickly plant is a top choice for winter planters with its intensely coloured berries in brilliant white or purple hues. Winter pansies, violas and hardy cyclamen are excellent value-for-money container plants that’ll reward gardeners with colour all winter, while a dash of trailing ivy towards the edges of pots creates a classic mid-winter look. Consider adding ornamental cabbages, too, which are unrivalled for their ability to inject a touch of fun to displays.


Whatever winter plants are chosen, there’s a Tierra Verde planter to suit every taste. Sonata and Symphony Tierra Verde planters, with their elegant tapered appearance are offered in pewter or slate with heights ranging from 33cm to 71cm, while Horizon, Serenity and Vitality planters (also available in pewter or slate) stand 67cm tall – the perfect choice for making a statement feature in gardens or housing a specimen mid-winter shrub.


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