Spring into action with Clear ‘N’ Collect – the handy new Multi-Purpose Garden Rake that effortlessly clears away winter debris

Pioneering multi-function tool is a must for getting plots ready for spring

 With spring around the corner and a nation that’s waiting with bated breath to get outdoors and start gardening, there’s no better time to begin getting plots into shape. The task of sweeping away winter debris should no longer be dreaded, however, as the new Clear ‘N’ Collect Multi-Purpose Rake will get gardens looking ship-shape in a flash.


The Clear ‘N’ Collect has been designed for year-round use, making this single tool ideal for springtime clear-ups, whether used to transform lawns, gravel, hard standings or allotments. It’s a dab hand at banishing debris that has been dislodged by winter gales such as leaves and twigs, as well as thorny or prickly garden waste that can pose a risk of injury if collected-up by hand. Plus, the tool will rapidly gather-up and remove grass clippings and general garden rubbish.


Clear ‘N’ Collect’s Sally Coneron said: “As the evenings grow lighter and we look forward to getting gardens looking good ahead of summer, it’s essential to clear winter debris away before mowing, hoeing and growing. Twigs and stones on lawns can damage the blades of a lawnmower if they’re not removed before the first cut of the season, and even if the lawn isn’t ready for a trim just yet, collecting-up winter’s leaves and debris can help turf to dry out, reducing the risk of moss invasions and muddy patches.”


Sally added: “The Clear ‘N’ Collect is just as adept at banishing fallen debris from flower beds as it is on veg plots and allotments, which will make springtime weeding and digging of borders and kitchen garden areas much easier ahead of planting flowers, fruit and vegetables. Because the rake has a big capacity and glides effortlessly over garden surfaces, it speeds up the clear-up, while its hinged scoops are easily pulled together so that waste can be disposed of into bags, wheelbarrows or compost heaps.”


As gardeners know too well, leaves and debris that have been left strewn across gardens over winter will have become saturated from rainfall, and wet garden waste is heavy, while even light springtime scarification of lawns can pull out a mountain of weighty thatch. Traditionally, raking and shovelling involved a lot of bending over to scoop-up soggy debris, the weight of which can take its toll on gardeners’ backs. However, the ergonomic and lightweight Clear ‘N’ Collect weighs just 1,100g and the long handles means that no bending down is required, so it’s kinder to users’ backs while quickly clearing wet garden rubbish that can pose a slip hazard or smother lawns if left to rot.


Clear ‘N’ Collect holds high appeal to households that have made a New Year’s resolution to garden in a manner that helps to protect the environment, while safeguarding wildlife. The multi-purpose, British-designed rake, which is manufactured in Hampshire, is made from recycled materials including former electrical goods and recycled car dashboards, while the product boasts the same level of robustness as virgin plastic.


By offering a practical and value-for-money alternative to powered leaf blowers, noise pollution and fuel emissions are eliminated. Switching to this quiet, eco-friendly alternative to the leaf blower helps to protect insects and small animals, as well as natural wildlife habitats that risk being damaged or destroyed by motorised blowers, while there is no danger of circulating particles of weed killer, pesticides and toxins around the garden. Until now, alternatives to leaf blowers have been time-consuming and labour-intensive, but the ergonomic design of Clear ‘N’ Collect makes light work of clearing lawns, driveways and patios – instead of blowing debris elsewhere!


As the Clear ‘N’ Collect measures just 1050 x 430 x 150mm when closed, it’s easy to store without cluttering-up sheds and garages when not in use and can easily be deployed when needed throughout the seasons, while the clever gadget eliminates the need to own multiple tools.


With an RRP of just £22.99, Clear ‘N’ Collect is already on sale at 29 UK retail stockists including the Longacres and Squires garden centres chains, while the innovative product is available to order direct online for just £24.99 at www.clearncollect.com.



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