DJ Turfcare’s new Autumn Lawn Treatment now endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society

DJ Turfcare’s newest organic based product introduction – Autumn Lawn Treatment – has already proven popular with retailers and the public since its launch in August 2020. Now this popularity is expected to extend even further as it has been confirmed that Autumn Lawn Treatment has gained endorsement from the leading gardening charity, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS).


Autumn Lawn Treatment becomes the fifth product in the DJ Turfcare portfolio to receive this prestigious accolade. From 2021 each 10kg bag of Autumn Lawn Treatment will bear the highly recognisable RHS logo, which DJ Turfcare knows helps to drive consumer confidence at the point of purchase.

Talking about the latest endorsement, DJ Turfcare’s David Jenkins said: “We are extremely pleased that the Autumn Lawn Treatment has been recognised by the RHS and consider it a great honour to see our latest innovation join such a veritable line-up of products. We know that the RHS only puts its name against products which are proven to deliver results and align with the organisation’s own ethos of gardening enriching lives and enhancing the garden environment, and we are proud to support this.

“The RHS endorsement also provides a significant opportunity for our retail customers. The endorsement helps to showcase the quality and effectiveness of the product, making it a much easier stocking decision. The endorsement also provides consumers with a recognisable point of difference which helps to drive peace of mind, repeat custom and brand loyalty.”


DJ Turfcare’s new Autumn Lawn Treatment

Simply put, Autumn Lawn Treatment 6-6-16 (+2) MgO – exclusively available from DJ Turfcare – is the first defence against the ravages of winter and is designed to prepare the lawn for the spring.  Like its popular Recovery product, DJ Turfcare’s new Autumn Lawn Treatment will benefit from the inclusion of Humifirst. This unique ingredient creates biological activity and acts as a plant growth stimulant, making it perfect to use as an autumn lawn treatment.  Autumn Lawn Treatment is safe to use around pets and children.


DJ Turfcare’s wider organic-based product offering includes the bestselling RHS-endorsed MO Bacter, MO Bacter Instant, Recovery and Bio-Lime. All products are supported by quick delivery within five days.

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