Neudorff announces climate-neutral production

Neudorff, manufacturer of environmentally friendly products for plant care and natural gardening, has achieved its ambition of becoming climate-neutral at all of its production sites.

A combination of resource-saving production processes, in addition to the company’s own energy generation through photovoltaics, hydropower and a combined heat and power plant, have helped the gardening pioneer to turn its climate-neutral target into reality. It is compensating for additional emissions that are still generated by supporting a climate protection project in Rwanda.

Neudorff has many roof areas that are used for photovoltaic systems, and the old mill produces power from the Emmer river, thanks to a modern turbine. These and many other measures have enabled the medium-sized, owner-operated company to significantly reduce its carbon footprint. But until now, the goal of climate-neutral production had not yet been fully achieved. This is why the company is announcing its support of the Virunga Mountain Gorilla Project; a scheme based near the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

Of roughly 1000 mountain gorillas left in the world, around 600 live in the Virunga Mountains in this park. The neighbouring villagers gather wood for their cooking fires every day in the national park. Deforestation of the rainforest has endangered mountain gorillas living in this area, while there is also a risk of infection posed by the proximity to humans.

To enhance protection for gorrillas living in the region, up to 50,000 households around the national park will be supplied with a low-priced cooker made in Rwanda. The cooker uses a third of the firewood required for a traditional open fireplace.

Use of this cooker will reduce CO2 emissions, while locals will require less wood and therefore spend less time and money on its procurement. Children can go to school and families have more time to increase their income by selling home-made baskets and other goods.

Neudorff, which has a proven track record in supporting conservation initiatives, is dedicated to backing the Virunga Mountain Gorilla Project – an initiative that supports 10 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations – while its commitment to the project will compensate for any surplus emissions that arise from the company’s production processes. Neudorff remains committed to achieving even greater levels of sustainability in the future and its support of the Rwanda project represents a significant milestone in the company’s ambition to set new benchmarks for environmental protection.

Neudorff products are available at UK garden centres. Further information about Neudorff and its range of products for natural gardening can be found at




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