Johnsons Lawn Seed boosts support for garden centres to ensure stock continuity throughout 2021

Johnsons Lawn Seed, the UK’s oldest lawn seed supplier, is taking unprecedented steps to ensure that its garden centre customers remain fully stocked and extensively supported throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.


The company, which is part of the DLF Seeds family, has ramped-up its stock and distribution operations to guarantee continuity of supply to garden centres throughout the UK, in response to the extreme challenges faced by garden centre outlets that have had to cater for substantially increased demand during 2020; a sales season that has extended well beyond its traditional boundaries, while retail managers have had to step up to the challenges of maintaining safe, socially distanced shopping environments in the face of fast-changing government guidelines.


Guy Jenkins, Johnson’s Lawn Seed’s Consumer Manager, said: “We cannot thank our garden centre stockists highly enough for their support and loyalty throughout a year that has been fraught with challenges – hurdles that the garden retail sector has never encountered in its history. By working together and overcoming obstacles arising from the pandemic, retailers have achieved incredible results from the lawncare category and we are truly grateful to garden centre stockists for their ongoing commitment to the Johnsons Lawn Seed brand.”


Guy added: “With almost three million new gardeners entering the marketplace, according to the HTA, 2021 will be a pivotal year for the garden centre trade as it attempts to capture this emerging audience while growing sales to its established customer demographic. The resurgence of Covid-19 this autumn has prompted the team at Johnsons Lawn Seed to take additional steps to safeguard supply lines to garden centres for next season. We have built-up extensive supplies of stock, backed by robust distribution channels, ahead of the season to ensure that garden centres remain fully stocked and supported. These actions will safeguard the flow of product to retail outlets regardless of future headwinds that may arise from the ongoing pandemic.”


Johnsons Lawn Seed, which is this year celebrating its 200th anniversary, says its enhanced stock levels and extensive distribution network will help garden centres to drive footfall in lawncare categories throughout 2021. Its innovation-driven, market-leading portfolio includes Quick Lawn with Accelerator-treated seed, Tuffgrass with Dog Patch Resistance and 100% organic Super Smart Lawn Feed, as well as top-selling lawn seed mixes such as Shady Place, Luxury Lawn, After Moss, Quick Fix and Lawn Thickener Lawn Seed.


Phenomenal sales results have reinforced the range’s reputation as proven drivers of growth within the garden centre market. Johnsons Lawn Seed’s sales ran at five times their usual volumes during June and July this year, with the Tuffgrass and Quick Lawn brands chalking-up year-to-date increases of 35% and 30% respectively. Johnsons’ Shady Place Lawn Seed has achieved a sales rise of 60%, while sales of the company’s unrivalled portfolio of lawncare products have risen by 40% over the past two years.


Guy Jenkins added: “Garden centres remain our key customers and we are dedicated to developing and enhancing our relationship with stockists nationwide, working closely to ensure that shelves remain fully stocked, backed by extensive merchandising support that’s in place to help retailers maximise revenue from lawncare departments. We are extremely grateful to our garden centre stockists for their ongoing commitment at this difficult time.”


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