Neudorff is a finalist in the German Sustainability Award

The German Sustainability Award is one of the most important awards of its kind in Europe. On September 24th, 2020, the expert jury announced the finalists of this year’s nominations. Neudorff, manufacturer of environmentally friendly products for plant care and natural gardening, will enter the finals in the category “Transformation Resources”.


The award honours business enterprises that make effective contributions to transformation in the important fields of climate, resources, biodiversity and society. The award has been presented in cooperation with the Federal Government since 2008. This year’s winners will be announced on December 4th, 2020.


Neudorff, long known for its activities in the field of sustainability, makes special efforts to produce its products in a resource-conserving manner. For example, the company’s manufacturing operation is already completely carbon-neutral.


There are many individual factors that make up the company’s proven track record in sustainability. For example, much of Neudorff’s product packaging has been made of recycled paper for some time, while bottles and foils contain more and more recycled material. The fleet of company cars is currently being









converted to electric and hybrid drives, and charging points with green electricity are available to all employees free of charge.


By personal conviction, Neudorff’s product range is inspired by the natural cycle, which is driven, for example, by the use of natural raw materials. Wherever possible, Neudorff uses domestic raw materials and manufactures

the majority of its products in Germany. The medium-sized company, therefore,  ensures that secure jobs in the region are protected.


Neudorff has always been committed to the promotion of biodiversity, which is part of the company’s philosophy. It is continuously developing innovative products that leave as little trace as possible on the environment, and has built strong partnerships with nature conservation organisations. Even on its own premises, Neudorff actively supports biodiversity. The gardens of Neudorff’s research and development facilities host more than 150,000 honey bees. Insect Hotels, wild flower meadows, fruit trees and flowering hedges are a natural habitat for more than 40 species of wild bees, birds and other wildlife.


The medium-term goals are to reduce the company’s carbon footprint even further, to draw up further carbon balances for products, and to find even more resource-saving solutions in the area of packaging.


Furthermore, Neudorff wants to expand its decentralised power supply and further increase the energy efficiency of its production. “Sustainability within a company is a process that never ends. There is always more to it, which is why









we are always setting ourselves new goals,” says Silke Conrad, the company’s sustainability manager. “We are very pleased to have reached the final. This confirms that we are on the right track with our extensive measures to protect the environment and being shortlisted as a finalist is greatly appreciated by everyone within the business,” Silke adds.


Neudorff products are widely available all over Europe. For more information on Neudorff and its range of natural gardening products, visit




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