Hygeia launches the next generation of liquid tomato and plant food: Biogold Vigor

As a leading supplier of organic and veganic plant and lawn feeds, Hygeia is leading the way once again with the introduction of its all new Biogold Vigor Tomato & Veg Food. Launched ahead of the 2021 gardening season, this next generation liquid fertiliser incorporates Alltech Crop Science, developed by the worldwide leaders in plant performance through nutrition and scientific innovation.


Through the harnessing of advanced scientific research, Hygeia’s Biogold Vigor encourages a more efficient energy and nutrient uptake, as well as a higher crop yield and quality. Optimising the top end of the tomato and plant feed market, Biogold Vigor is backed by significant research and development having been formulated with Alltech Crop Science; a level of formulation innovation that very few other brands can boast.


Tom Stolworthy, Hygeia’s UK Country Manager explains: “The liquid plant food market is currently saturated, however there has been very little deviation in recent years, meaning retail shelves are full of ‘me too’ products. With Biogold Vigor we are able to offer something different; something that has been developed to fill a gap at the higher end of the product category and offer some truly advanced product innovation. Backed by significant science, and inclusive of Alltech’s third-party expertise, Biogold Vigor has been formulated to deliver incredible results throughout the growing process without compromising on the use of natural ingredients. For us, it’s a real game changer and one we believe will help retailers to expand sales of plant feed in the year ahead.”


Biogold Vigor Tomato & Veg Food, with its stand-out, high-end packaging, has been formulated to deliver three distinct benefits derived from ‘the science of nature’ and deliver these USPs to the consumer. It incorporates natural biostimulants that promote plant growth and lead to higher fruit and veg yields; the feed is enriched with humics to boost root development, and added seaweed delivers the highest level of plant nutrition. The level of science that has brought the product to market, however, sets it head and shoulders above the competition.


About Alltech Crop Science

The result of extensive research and development including thousands of collaborative projects, Alltech Crop Science ensures that every plant enjoys purposeful and beneficial support, all while using naturally derived alternatives to chemicals – a sector that’s growing exponentially due to rapid momentum in the markets for organic and veganic fertilisers.


Alltech specialises in microbial fermentation, a process that has brought to market new natural alternatives to traditional chemicals, as well as pioneering technology in biostimulants and nutrigenomics: put simply, these processes result in products that improve plants’ resistance to stress and result in higher yields of fruit and vegetables, better quality produce and more uniform crops, helping consumers to achieve superior results by harnessing the power of science that has traditionally been utilised in commercial crop production.


This advanced science is designed to support and enhance the plant throughout the growing process, including revitalising the soil, optimising performance and galvanising plant defences. Together these elements help to create ‘happy crops’, which in turn results in the maximum possible yields with improved energy efficiency.


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