Woodlodge expands its flagship Heritage Garden range for 2021

Woodlodge’s flagship Heritage Garden Pottery range is to be extended for 2021 with the addition of striking new lines and limited-edition designs – featuring novel materials and unique finishes that elevate the iconic collection’s sales appeal.


Woodlodge has witnessed a huge increase in demand for its products this year as consumers spend more time gardening at home during the pandemic. The buoyant nature of the market for pots and containers prompted the business, which is renowned for innovation, to expand its Heritage Garden range – a premium collection of classic products that champion British culture and craftsmanship and are crafted from the highest quality materials.


Injecting colour into sales areas

Leading the way in stand-out design for 2021 are limited edition Edwardian Glazed Rim Pots, topped in vibrant shades of blue, red, yellow, green and white. The brightly decorated rims tap into the trend for bold shades of colour while retaining the Heritage range’s unique ability to blend traditional design with contemporary style. While the Heritage range has always been inspired by traditional gardens and the nation’s love of horticulture, the injection of bold hues provided by stand-out rims ups the sales appeal of these planters, driving impulse sales as the pots catch shoppers’ eyes from across the sales floor.


Introducing unique glazes

Established as a premium lifestyle brand, Woodlodge is committed to delivering growth by bringing the latest glazed finishes to market that offer maximum potential to ignite sales. New Edwardian Crackle Pots in classic light blue and white feature a unique crackled glaze that results in an attractively distressed finish while retaining the frost-proof characteristics that Heritage is famous for thanks to the use of a more robust clay than ever before. The distinctive, upmarket, hand-finished glaze is inspired by a movement towards naturally derived tones, displaying calming hues influenced by the colour of the oceans, tapping into the consumer mindset for garden features that blend into the natural environment.


Cement reinvented

Heritage Garden has earned an enviable reputation for containers that stand the test of time, and the introduction of Ribbed Balfour Squares will add a new dimension to the brand, catering for those who crave a more distinctive look that’s inspired by urban architecture. The squares are made from GRC cement, a material that’s superbly robust and has proven its toughness in the Weave pots introduced by Woodlodge in 2019. Textured, cement-based structures add a hint of brutalist architecture to modern design – a look that’s increasingly fashionable in contemporary schemes where the material provides a backdrop of understated elegance, allowing the planting to dominate. Hand-finished, Ribbed Balfour Squares will offer retailers a real point of difference – a genuinely novel appearance that holds high appeal for shoppers looking for sophisticated containers that stand out from the crowd.


Drawing inspiration from nature

New Edwardian Brushed Pots champion the current fashion for shades of in-vogue grey and green, drawing inspiration from nature to establish more neutral, calming colour palettes – a trend that’s gaining pace post-Covid as gardeners look to create retreats that offer a haven of tranquility. The brushed nature of the finish, combined with striking white rims and the renowned Heritage Garden Logo, adds a contemporary twist, elevating the classic appearance of iconic Heritage containers while appealing to fashion-conscious consumers who regard outdoor spaces as an extension of the interior décor in their home.


Vintage chic

The Heritage Garden range has always been the first port of call for consumers who are looking for pots that will blend into established, traditional surroundings and Ancient Sterling Pots, new for 2021, add a gorgeous 1940s-style vibe to container displays. Featuring a mature, weathered appearance, this collection of squares and egg pots are supplied in shades of pastel blue, green and yellow, as well as cream and natural stone yellow and white, injecting a touch of vintage chic from bygone eras to gardens.


Head-turning stripes

New Henry Pots ramp up the drama when it comes to bringing bold styles that are dominating interior décor into the great outdoors. The striped appearance of these eye-catching cylinders, offered in blue, green and white, cater for demand from retailers who are looking to grow sales of pots by offering stand-out designs, helping consumers to display shrubs and seasonal plants at their finest by harnessing the power of strong tones that complement flowers and foliage.


Elegant irrigation

Following one of the driest springs on record, with periods of drought predicted to increase in frequency as climate change takes hold, the addition of premium quality Watering Cans is a logical extension of the Heritage Garden brand. The six-litre classic style cans offered in green, blue or a galvanised finish, make beautiful garden features in their own right, while demonstrating wide appeal for consumers who are looking for alternatives to plastic that have been built to stand the test of time.


Michael Wooldridge, Managing Director at Woodlodge, said: “Heritage Garden is an iconic brand, instantly recognisable and renowned for leading the way in cutting-edge design while retaining its deep-rooted influences that have been inspired by British gardening tradition. While others have aspired to replicate the brand’s success, Heritage Garden remains the premium offering, and one that’s unrivalled due to Team Woodlodge’s commitment to continually reinventing the range by harnessing the power of national and global design influences and trends.


“The expansion of Heritage Garden for 2021 demonstrates our commitment to developing unique lines that complement the exemplary designs that set Heritage Garden head and shoulders above the competition. Year after year, our quest for innovation has helped retailers’ sales to flourish, and we look forward to working with stockists old and new to drive growth in the coming season.”

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Notes to Editors:

Woodlodge is the UK’s leading supplier of garden pots, with a reputation for excellence and expertise in the design and distribution of garden ware. The family business has been trading since 1987, prioritising quality and end-to-end customer service. Woodlodge distributes products to over 2,000 garden centres and retail outlets nationwide.

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