Sipcam Home & Garden set to launch new eco-friendly products for 2021 under the pioneering ecofective® range

Soaring demand for natural plant care products paves the way for growth

 The leading ecofective® portfolio of plant and garden care products from Sipcam Home & Garden is to extend in 2021 in response to buoyant demand from environmentally conscious consumers for products that are pet-safe and wildlife-friendly.


In addition to being supplied in the most sustainable packaging used to date, which is both recyclable (including bottles and triggers) and made from recycled materials, the introduction of concentrated refills will reduce dependency on single-use plastics. The latest innovations will help consumers to tackle slugs and beat plant diseases without resorting to traditional garden chemicals, directly addressing the needs of retailers who are seeking effective remedies that harness the power of natural active ingredients.


The developments have been brought to market as a result of investment from Sipcam Home & Garden, part of the £500m+ turnover family-owned Sipcam Oxon Group. In addition to ecofective®, Sipcam is the driving force behind powerful brands such as the RHS Garden Care range and the new-for-2021 SPOT-ON line up of high performance clean and weed products, as well as distributing Blumen International’s Fito and Get Off ranges in the UK and Republic of Ireland.


New ecofective® Slug Defence RTU will lead the way in helping retailers to plug gaps left on pest control shelves as a result of the withdrawal of metaldehyde last summer. It features a unique calcium-based formula that, when applied to foliage and stems, creates a ‘plant-medicated’ effect that discourages slugs so they disperse and feed elsewhere.


Not only do leaves absorb the formula for a longer-lasting slug-deterring effect, but it also strengthens and stimulates plant growth, ramping-up the product’s appeal to both existing gardeners and novices who were inspired to start gardening during lockdown and are looking for chemical-free methods of keeping molluscs at bay.


Sipcam Home & Garden is also introducing new ecofective® Plant Disease Defence, a tried and tested product in commercial agriculture that has now been adapted for launch to consumers via retail channels. It works by tricking plants into an immune response by stimulating a disease attack – building up the plant’s immunity to common garden diseases such as powdery mildew, blackspot and rust.


True to the USPs of the ecofective® brand, Plant Disease Defence is child and pet safe – a key consideration as, in recent research carried out by Sipcam, 70% of recipients stated that products that are ‘safe for pets’ is a key buying factor. The UK-manufactured product can be used on both ornamental and edible plants and, as with Slug Defence RTU, it comes in a bottle that is made from recycled materials and is recyclable.


The launches coincide with a fresh new look for ecofective® ahead of the 2021 season. The rebrand, based on a strategy of ‘re-use, refill and recycle’, sees the introduction of concentrated refill products that will target consumers who are keen to cut dependency on single-use plastics. Launching across ecofective® Pour + Feed, Bug + Mildew Control, Bug Control and Rose Defender, 200ml refills will be available to support the 1-litre ready-to-use products. Consumers simply need to pour the contents into the empty RTU bottle and add water – meaning that RTU products can be used time and time again, dramatically reducing plastic consumption.


Nigel Thompson, Head of Sales at Sipcam Home & Garden, said: “The rebranded and new product line-up for 2021 is a game-changer, enhancing ecofective’s appeal through innovation and leading the way in sustainability. Slug Defence RTU will breathe new life into pest control categories with its two-in-one formulation that deters slugs and nourishes plants, while Plant Disease Defence taps into a growing trend for taking preventative measures in anticipation of plant problems, rather than seeking a cure after outbreaks have resulted in damage.


“This level of innovation, combined with ecofective’s commitment to sustainability by offering the range in packaging that’s more eco-friendly than ever before, provides retailers with a real point of difference and the potential to drive sales growth. Plus, the introduction of concentrated refills directly addresses the needs of growing numbers of consumers who have vowed to choose products that make a genuine difference when it comes to reducing dependency on single-use plastic,” Nigel added.



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Notes to Editors

About Sipcam UK & ecofective®

ecofective® is part of the Sipcam Group, one of the world’s top 20 agricultural suppliers and the only Italian company in the business of global crop protection. The family-owned group – with an annual turnover in excess of €500million – has a very impressive research and development capability, and through collaborations with universities and specialist research facilities is pioneering bio-technology to produce market leading control products, nutrients and bio-stimulants which will be key for the future of food production as conventional chemical technology becomes less available.


Sipcam is now in the exciting process of making the best of its professional technology available to the amateur gardener. It has much to offer today, and with an exciting pipeline of product developments still to come will be a key part of the EU retail marketplace moving forward.