The Greener Gardening Company unveils its 2021 multibuy offering to help retailers drive volume sales

With the growing media category confirmed as one of this year’s star performers, The Greener Gardening Company has unveiled its new multibuy offering for 2021 – tailored to helping retailers leverage the potential of volume-driven promotions.


Multibuy promotions will run across selected products in two of The Greener Gardening Company’s high-profile brands: Richmoor – a garden professional range of compost that comprises recycled green materials and forestry constituents, and its Growise Multipurpose compost, an established, top-performing brand of traditional growing media.


The Greener Gardening Company’s National Sales Manager, Jason Pike, said: “Pent-up demand for gardening post-lockdown generated extraordinary demand for compost, while a new generation of consumers who discovered gardening during the pandemic are now entering the market. When you factor-in that the UK economy is now in recession – prompting consumers to turn to value-for-money activities such as gardening to fill their time while traditional trips away are deemed too expensive – conditions are ripe for yet another year of unprecedented demand for compost.”


Jason added: “This combination of rising demand for growing media, consumers in a bargain-hunting mindset and gardeners tackling projects that were set back during lockdown when access to compost was limited, creates the perfect opportunity for retailers to drive sales growth with multibuy offers. Our volume-driven promotions on selected Richmoor and Growise brands have been custom-designed with promotional flashed packaging to appeal to consumers who demand the best value for money but will not compromise on quality. It is this mix of exceptional value and assured performance that will power growing media sales instore next season – especially now that we have excellent stock availability and significantly reduced lead times.”


The Greener Gardening Company’s 2021 volume-drivers include three products within the Richmoor range, all of which display the ‘4 for £12’ multibuy flash prominently on the front of packaging: Organic Garden Compost (40-litre), recommended for planting out, mulching and improving soil composition; Mulch (40-litre), which naturally suppresses weeds, retains moisture and protects roots during winter, and Garden Soil (25-litre) – the established choice for filling raised beds, replacing old soil in garden borders and for use in landscaping and for creating new lawns.


In addition, 50-litre bags of Growise Multipurpose Compost will be emblazoned with a ‘3 for £12’ flash, helping to ignite sales of this top-selling, versatile blend that caters for a host of garden activities, including sowing seeds and taking cuttings; filling hanging baskets and containers, as well as for use in beds and borders.


To further enhance the company’s volume-driven offering and help retailers to maximise sales opportunities, The Greener Gardening Company offers a host of innovative and dynamic point of sale materials, custom-made to focus attention on brand offerings throughout the consumer journey – from raising brand awareness in high traffic exterior locations outside stockists’ premises to securing sales at the point of purchase.


Roadside banners displaying powerful brand identity – including a banner for the Growise Multipurpose Compost ‘Buy 3 for £12’ multibuy promotion, will generate interest among both passing and returning consumers, while instore Correx boards for Growise and Richmoor brands will drive footfall by throwing the spotlight on value-driven promotions in growing media sales areas. To maximise merchandising potential, The Greener Gardening Company can supply Wooden Stands to display its branded ranges at their best.


Following phenomenal summer performance, with growing media sales in June up by 41% compared to the same month in 2019, The Greener Gardening Company is pulling out all the stops to replenish retailers’ stock by carrying on with 24-hour production, which has been in place over summer to meet demand, and has now been extended into autumn. In anticipation of any potential future challenges that may arise as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the company plans to have all its garden centre stock on the ground ahead of Christmas, ensuring that plentiful supplies are available ahead of the 2021 season with short lead times for delivery.


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