Enjoy a lawn to be proud of this August bank holiday – banish yellow patches with Dog Rocks!








With the August bank holiday just around the corner, families are looking to make the most of every minute outdoors before temperatures dip and the nights draw in. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, lawns have been the focal point of relaxation during this extraordinary staycation summer – but many a lush, green sward has been spoiled by the bane of lawn-owners’ lives: unsightly yellow patches caused by dog wee.


Not only do these ugly bare patches surrounded by green edges spoil the pristine appearance of turf, but burnt grass resulting from canine urine fails to recover, presenting gardeners with the chore of re-seeding damaged areas or patching-up using new turf – a solution that all too often leads to new grass failing to blend in with the rest of the lawn. Repaired lawns also risk suffering the same fate once pets are back out in the garden, leading to a never ending and costly cycle of tedious lawn repairs.

The good news is that the days of lawns and four-legged friends proving to be incompatible are long gone, consigning the bugbear of lawn burn to history. Dog Rocks are a clever, cost effective, 100% natural remedy that, placed in a dog’s drinking water bowl, work to eradicate the irritation of lawn burn damage once and for all.


Originally discovered in Australia, once placed in a dog’s drinking water bowl, these igneous rocks start working to remove some nitrates, ammonia and harmful trace elements, providing pets with a cleaner source of water. By reducing the level of nitrates in a dog’s wee, grass will no longer be scorched when pets use lawns as their toilet. Problem solved!


Offering reassurance for pet-owners

Because Dog Rocks have been endorsed by vets, and are the first port of call for millions of ‘pet parents’ worldwide, lawn-owners can use the rocks in confidence that they’re safe for their four-legged friends. Dog Rocks do not change the pH balance of a dog’s drinking water or urine, so pets are not being medicated, and there are no known side effects.


Dog Rocks’ Carina Evans said: “Dog Rocks take just 8-10 hours to start working, once placed in a pet’s drinking water. After this time, pet-owners should see no new burn patches in their grass – resulting in vast improvements to the quality of lawns in five weeks. There is no need to worry if other pets drink from a dog’s water bowl, as Dog Rocks are a 100% natural product that have been proven to be safe for pets including cats and rabbits, as well as all breeds of dog. Dog Rocks really are a dream come true for pet and lawn-owners, banishing the irritation of scruffy, burnt lawns once and for all.”



Don’t delay – start using Dog Rocks today!

A two-month supply of Dog Rocks (200g) costs £15.00, while larger 600g bags can be purchased for £39.00. A special monthly subscription can also be purchased at £39.00. Smaller dogs can also benefit from using Dog Rocks with a special 100g bag available for £9.99. Dog Rocks can be purchased from a range of retailers including leading pet stores, as well as from www.dogrocks.com


Pull-out box

How to use Dog Rocks

  1. You’ll need 200g of Dog Rocks per water bowl.
  2. Rinse the rocks to remove any dust.
  3. Submerge the rocks in two litres of water in your dog’s drinking bowl
  4. Leave the rocks for 10 hours, ideally overnight, to become effective.
  5. Replace Dog Rocks every two months, or they won’t be able to absorb any more impurities.



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