Innovation and quality will ignite the lawncare category this autumn, says Johnsons Lawn Seed

Stocking quality lawn seed with proven heritage in packaging that clearly displays multiple benefits for the consumer holds the key to securing additional sales as lawncare categories get ready for one of the busiest autumns in memory, says Johnsons Lawn Seed.


The company, founded in 1820 and celebrating its 200th anniversary this year, is calling on retailers to ensure that stock is replenished by late-summer so that lawncare departments can cope with an influx of consumers who were unable to buy essential lawn seed and feed products due to the closure of garden centres during spring lockdown. It is also throwing the spotlight on its latest seed technology – innovation that is driving brand loyalty by solving lawncare problems while responding to the challenges of an unpredictable climate.


Johnson’s Lawn Seed’s Consumer Manager, Guy Jenkins, said: “As the UK’s oldest lawn seed brand in the UK with a long and prestigious track record of grass breeding and product innovation, the Johnsons brand has become synonymous with quality and performance. This year, a whole new generation has discovered the joys of gardening during lockdown, but inexperienced consumers can easily become bewildered by the vast scope of products available. The Johnsons Lawn Seed portfolio is ideally positioned to capture this emerging audience with its stand-out branding and messaging – even novice gardeners will be able to rapidly identify which product meets their needs, whether it’s seed for shady, moss-prone or general purpose lawns, or for sowing an expanse of manicured luxury lawn.”


Johnsons Lawn Seed has engaged in a wide-reaching consumer awareness campaign that targets novice and experienced gardeners alike, designed to drive sales during the autumn peak for lawncare. To help stockists identify lawn seed that offers clear USPs for consumers, and the latest innovation in the form of lawn seed technology, the company is highlighting key products that hold the potential to turbo-charge lawncare sales this autumn:


  • Tuffgrass with Dog Patch Resistance: regarded as the holy grail of grass seed, this unique new mix of fine-leaved dwarf perennial ryegrass won’t turn yellow when dogs urinate on lawns, widening its sales appeal to families, keen gardeners and pet-owners alike. Tough enough to stand up to family wear and tear, it has excellent resistance to low temperatures and snow, with improved drought-resistance.


  • Quick Lawn with Accelerator: capable of delivering 38% more grass within the first seven days, compared to standard seed, the new formulation for Quick Lawn caters for consumers who demand rapid results. The new Accelerator treatment intensifies absorption of water, speeding-up germination, while the technologically advanced seed coating directs bio stimulants into the seed, getting it off to a quick start.


  • Lawn Thickener with Seedbooster: lawns have been damaged by last winter’s flooding followed by spring drought, making Lawn Thickener the go-to choice for consumers looking to overseed or sow new grass. The Seedbooster coating, originally developed for professional turfcare, ensures rapid germination with 30% more grass, and also features a harmless bird deterrent.


  • Shady Place Lawn Seed: consumers looking for solutions to the challenges of cultivating lawns in dry or damp shade will be immediately drawn to clear messaging on cartons, promoting the seed’s ability to deliver excellent quality lawns with good drought-tolerance in the trickiest of situations.


  • Luxury Lawn Lawn Seed: the stay-at-home-summer with lawns as a focal point of outdoor living has driven interest in the cultivation of swards with a fine, rich green appearance. Luxury Lawn, a traditional fescue and browntop bent mix, results in lawns that are capable of close mowing, with a manicured, deluxe appearance that garden-proud consumers increasingly aspire to.


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