DJ Turfcare is set to transform lawncare sales this autumn with new Autumn Lawn Treatment

Following on from the announcement that DJ Turfcare is to bring to market an exciting new Autumn Lawn Treatment, we dig a little deeper into the brand; a true stalwart of the garden retail sector with a rich 33-year heritage, and how changing consumer habits are being fully catered for by this passionate and dedicated team.


Eco-friendly driving the consumer agenda

Garden retail is being powered by the unstoppable rise of environmentally conscious consumers, and the lawncare category is at the centre of this revolution. Long before Covid-19 reshaped the retail landscape, shoppers were seeking kinder alternatives to synthetic fertilisers, but with one overriding caveat – there could be no compromise in performance. In fact, consumer expectations of organics are higher than ever before.


The coronavirus pandemic has only served to accelerate the trend towards organic-based gardening. Lockdown, working from home and staycations have transformed the way the population uses its outdoor spaces: gardens, and most importantly the lawns that remain their focal point, are now sanctuaries for families to enjoy quality time together. With garden centres shut at Easter while the pandemic peaked, disrupting the traditional lawn renovation season, autumn is tipped to be one of the busiest ever for lawncare departments.


One company that has always been at the forefront of the eco-friendly lawncare revolution is DJ Turfcare, an established, family-owned business founded by David Jenkins. More than 33 years of involvement in the professional turfcare industry – with an in-depth knowledge of the needs of professional groundsmen, greenkeepers and landscape contractors – has given David an unrivalled level of expertise and insight into products that deliver exceptional performance. This has placed David in a unique position to identify the most planet-friendly innovation in professional turf culture and bring it swiftly to the consumer market, transforming a category once dominated by chemicals.


Accelerate your sales with Viano

As the exclusive UK distributor of the Viano brand of premium quality organic-based fertilisers, DJ Turfcare holds the key to a product portfolio that instantly chimes with the needs of modern consumers. But Viano is far from a new kid on the block: born in 1948, Belgium-based Viano is an established leader in eco-friendly horticultural products for professional and consumer use – a brand with heritage and an enviable track record that’s heavily focused on helping retailers to deliver exceptional growth in the rapidly expanding organic lawncare category.


Owner of DJ Turfcare, David Jenkins, says: “Lawncare sales departments have changed beyond recognition in recent years, not just because of a seismic shift towards organic-based products but as a result of our investment in bringing the benefits of Viano products to a wider audience. Endorsement by the Royal Horticultural Society takes centre stage on our leading lines such as MO Bacter and Recovery, underpinning both stockists’ and consumer confidence in the performance of such products. DJ Turfcare is focused on driving Viano brand awareness to both experienced consumers and a new generation of novice gardeners. We will continue to bring the latest technology to market – as demonstrated by our latest innovation, our new Autumn Lawn Treatment – so that retailers can capitalise on opportunities for growth, and drive sales among shoppers who will no longer tolerate the use of traditional synthetic chemicals on lawns.”


Viano’s 72-year history of pioneering organic innovation, combined with endorsement from the RHS, has elevated the brand to the next level. The RHS’s iconic logo takes pride of place in prominent positions on the front and rear of Viano packaging – boosting the brand’s appeal to consumers at the point of purchase. RHS-endorsed products must meet exceptional standards of performance and environmental friendliness, as David Jenkins points out: “The gardening public – and DJ Turfcare – hold the RHS in the highest regard. Consumers respond positively to products that carry RHS endorsement, so ranges that display the RHS logo are an attractive proposition for retailers.”


To help retailers prepare for significant demand this autumn, DJ Turfcare is highlighting that Viano in Belgium is continuing to ramp-up production to ensure that ample stock is available, while DJ Turfcare remains committed to ensuring that it takes just five days for stockists to receive orders.


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Autumn essentials: four ‘must stock’ Viano products from DJ Turfcare

1) NEW FOR 2020: Autumn Lawn Treatment is a new organic-based fertiliser designed to ignite sales at a critical point in the season. Its unique formulation can be used from August to November, resulting in a thicker, stronger, greener and disease-resistant sward while killing moss and stimulating root growth – a true multi-function product that inspires consumer confidence with the promise of a deluxe lawn that will withstand the ravages of winter. Incorporating Humifirst, a unique ingredient that acts as a plant growth stimulant, the treatment is safe to use around pets and children.


2) Mo Bacter is DJ Turfcare’s flagship product. Already a household name with legions of fans, this organic-based, slow-release fertiliser for lawns, which also destroys moss, regularly continues to top bestsellers lists. It is easily spread, free from chemicals, pet and child-friendly, and is harmless to plants. MO Bacter is a top choice for building brand loyalty and encouraging repeat custom.


3) Recovery – after a winter of flooding, followed by one of the driest springs on record, Recovery is tipped to be a hot-seller as consumers seek to reinvigorate brown lawns. It contains Humifirst, proven to create biological activity while acting as a plant growth stimulant – making it the first port of call for renovating tired turf, as an autumn lawn feed, or for use prior to overseeding.


4) Bio-Lime was formulated to tackle black layer and resolve acidic soil conditions that encourage moss to thrive – a big problem in UK lawns following recent wet winters. Chemical-free Bio-Lime gets to grips with the problem rapidly, ‘sweetening’ the soil to raise its pH. Another bonus for retailers is Bio-Lime’s almost year-round application ability, extending the lawncare season for stockists and generating sales at quieter times of the year for lawncare departments.


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