Everything you need to know about Dog Rocks!

Any dog owner will know the pain of how dog urine can cause unsightly marks on the lawn. These little yellow patches surrounded by lush green edges don’t always have to blight lawns however, as millions of dog parents have found out since the launch of the Dog Rocks in 2003.


How do Dog Rocks work?

Dog Rocks are a coherent igneous rock with a mechanically stable framework meaning no significant mineral particles are released into the pet’s drinking water. In other words, Dog Rocks do not break down or leak anything into the pet’s drinking water, instead they act as little sponges that soak up all the ‘baddies’ in the water, such as nitrates, ammonia and harmful trace elements. Then removal of these elements creates a more purified drink for your pets and reduces the amount of nitrates in their urine – it is this nitrate that burns the lawn.


Are Dog Rocks safe?

Dog Rocks were created with the health and wellbeing of dogs in mind. Unlike other products on the market, Dog Rocks are 100% natural and do not change the pH of a dog’s urine. No pills, sprays or chemicals are needed. Simply place in your dog water bowl and the rocks will work their magic – just remember to replace the Dog Rocks every two months for maximum efficiency.


What if my other pets drink the water?

The purifying nature of Dog Rocks simply means that the water on offer is purer and cleaner than tap water as the rocks have  filtered it. This means that the water will be safe for all pets in the family to enjoy.


Can I use Dog Rocks in my pet’s water fountain?

Absolutely! Many Dog Rocks customers use them in conjunction with their pet’s drinking fountain with no problems. The effectiveness of the Dog Rocks will not be affected by the pumping motion of the fountain.


Where do Dog Rocks come from?

Dog Rocks are mined in Australia. Each year the miners carry out a number of tests to ensure that the supply is consistent year on year. The source of Dog Rocks ‘rocks’ is native and unique to a particular area in Australia and despite spending on thousands of pounds with the best geologists on the planet, we are yet to find another source!


Will Dog Rocks repair the damage previously done by my dog’s urine?

Dog Rocks are used to help prevent those nasty urine burn patches; they sadly cannot bring back dead lawn back to life. However, with proper lawn care you will start to see a noticeable difference in around five weeks. You can also investigate ways to repair the damage with natural lawn feeds and even resowing patches with lawn seed (Johnson’s Lawn Seed even offers a lawn seed which is resistant to dog urine, so you’ll be doubly protected!), though do remember to cordoned off the area as lawn seed can become trap in dog’s paws and cause injury.


Using Dog Rocks could not be easier!

  • Firstly, select the right amount for your dog or dogs – you’ll need 200g per water bowl. Don’t be tempted to split the bag as this will reduce the rocks’ effectiveness.
  • Next rinse the rocks as they will be a little dusty (they are rocks after all!) and pop them in the dog’s water bowl overnight to ensure they have plenty of time to remove ‘nasties’ from the water. Getting into the habit of refilling the water bowl at nighttime will ensure maximum efficiency.
  • You’ll start seeing the results of Dog Rocks after three to five weeks.
  • Remember to replace your Dog Rocks every two months. Dog Rocks act like a sponge or a filter; they reach their saturation point after this period and are no longer able to absorb any more impurities.


How much do Dog Rocks cost and where can I buy them?

A two-month supply of Dog Rocks (200g) costs £12.00, whilst larger 600g bags can be purchased for £24.00. A special monthly subscription can also be purchased at £24.00. Smaller dogs can also benefit from using Dog Rocks with a special 100g bag available for £9.99.


Dog Rocks can be purchased from a range of retailers including leading pet stores, as well as from www.dogrocks.com



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