Kindwood looking to partner with UK garden retailers for this summer’s hotly anticipated bestseller

Kindwood – the UK’s first truly sustainable firewood company – is offering UK garden retailers the opportunity to benefit from an exciting new sales opportunity – the Swedish Torch Log.


Once used by the Swedish army as an instant multi-functional source of heat and light – hence the name – the Swedish Torch Log is the latest product to join the sustainable firewood line up at Kindwood.


Launched via its website in June, the first batch of the Swedish Torch Log sold out within days, prompting Kindwood’s founder, Taylor Gathercole, to immediately source more wood to ensure demand is met. Originally added as a trial product to see how it would perform, the unprecedented level of orders has meant that the Swedish Torch Log could quickly become Kindwood’s bestselling product this summer, representing a sales opportunity that Kindwood believes garden retailers should also benefit from.


Taylor Gathercole said: “With a consumer facing website we are able to quickly and accurately gauge interest in products and are able to advise retailers which products are appealing most. It’s safe to say that the versatility and convenience of the Swedish Torch Log is fitting the needs of consumers as their lifestyles continue to be dictated by lockdown and social distancing measures, and as such more relaxed activities such as picnics and barbecues become the order of the day. Whilst we are able to meet some of this demand via our website, we recognise that garden retailers have an even greater opportunity to bring the product to a bigger, more engaged audience. As such we are currently looking to expand our product offering into UK garden centres and welcome the opportunity to work with both independent and multiple garden retailers.”


Whether merchandised alongside existing barbecue ranges, within outdoor gifting, homewares or alongside garden décor, the Swedish Torch Log offer retailers exceptional cross merchandising and impulse sales potential with an RRP of just £9.99.


The multi-functional Swedish Torch Log from Kindwood – the environmental alternative to disposable aluminium barbecues

In its simplest terms, the Swedish Torch Log is a 34cm tall log that has been partly spliced and adorned with a rope for easy carrying. To enjoy the Torch Log, simply light the Kindwood natural firelighter which comes with each log, and place in the centre of the ‘cuts’ and watch the magic happen. The splicing enables the perfect amount of air flow to enter the log, providing plenty of heat for keeping the chill off, or for having a more authentic and rustic barbecue experience out in the wilderness (or garden!)


What sets the Torch Log apart from other product of this ilk is the fact it is clean, portable and self-contained. With a burn time of 2-3 hours all users have to do once the fire has died down is dampen the remains and dispose of the wood or use it on your next big bonfire.


Unlike disposable barbeques which have become the go-to for al fresco dining on the go, the Swedish Torch Log will not leave unsightly and dangerous burn marks as it burns from the inside out and keeps its shape whilst burning, nor will it damage the environment or wildlife should it be left behind as wood naturally degrades unlike aluminium. The Swedish Torch Log is the perfect choice for environmentally responsible consumers.


In the garden, on the beach or wherever the need for some heat/light or a rustic barbeque is required, Kindwood’s Swedish Torch Logs are also perfect for lighting paths at parties or adding a seriously cool (temporary) lighting solution in the garden.


Pull out box

In a nutshell – the Kindwood Difference

  • All Kindwood wood is kiln-dried to less than 20% moisture content which means it burns at a high temperature with a long and natural flame
  • Every piece of wood is dried using 100% captured waste heat from a biogas plant at Kindwood’s Norfolk-based yard
  • The drying process and wood choice also means that Kindwood products are low in tar, so better for your appliance
  • Kindwood products are ideal for wood-burning stoves, multi-fuel stoves, pizza ovens or traditional open fires
  • Kindwood is big on recycling which is why its products are supplied in rustic ex-fruit/veg crates and hessian sack from local farms and orchards, both of which are perfect for repurposing around the home and garden as storage or decorative accents
  • All Kindwood wood is carefully sourced from responsibly managed woodland in the UK within a maximum radius of 80 miles of its HQ


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