Create a deluxe lawn that’s the envy of the neighbourhood with Luxury Lawn seed

There is nothing more quintessentially English than a beautiful, striped, manicured bowling green-style lawn that’s worthy of a gold medal at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.


Yet all too often, this essence of luxury is the preserve of sprawling expanses of regal turf that surround historic piles at National Trust or English Heritage properties – a far cry from the domestic lawns of suburbia.


There is, however, an easy way to create an ornate, deluxe lawn that’ll be the envy of the neighbourhood – whether you’re the proud owner of a contemporary urban home or a traditional country cottage. Luxury Lawn Lawn Seed from Johnsons Lawn Seed holds the key to creating a dense, fine-leaved sward that will add serious kerb appeal to any property.


As autumn approaches and temperatures dip, with soil remaining warm and moist, it’s the perfect time to sow a lawn to be proud of. Luxury Lawn is a traditional blend of chewings fescue, browntop bent, and strong and creeping red fescue – the secret ingredients behind richly coloured, high class turf.


Johnson’s Lawn Seed’s Consumer Manager, Guy Jenkins, said: “For many gardeners, a manicured lawn is their pride and joy. While a striped effect can be obtained by using a lawnmower with a rear roller, the secret to a true luxury lawn lies in the seed, which holds the key to a dense, rich green, fine-leaved sward. Luxury Lawn Lawn Seed has been specially blended for lawn-owners who demand the highest quality turf and will not compromise on performance. To cope with the challenges of climate change, Luxury Lawn offers excellent levels of drought-resistance and will thrive in shady areas of gardens, too.”


Luxury Lawn is capable of being mown closely while retaining its lush, green appearance. Another bonus of owning a fine-leaved lawn is that the high density of grass plants provide little scope for weed establishment, minimising the opportunity for unsightly broad-leaved weeds to take root and enhancing the luxurious appearance of turf.


Luxury Lawn Lawn Seed, available at good garden centres nationwide now, is available in a range of sizes, starting with a 500gm carton (SRP £9.99) and a 1.5kg carton (SRP £24.99).



[Pull-out box] How to sow Luxury Lawn Lawn Seed


  • Early autumn is the perfect time for sowing this mix of deluxe grass seed, which will establish well in September and October if conditions remain favourable. Luxury Lawn can be used for sowing new lawns from scratch or repairing patches.


  • Good soil preparation holds the key to success. Ensure that areas for new lawns are free from stones, debris and weeds, digging soil then levelling the area by raking lightly then treading it over. Ideally, wait for at least two weeks before sowing to allow the ground to settle and remove any weeds (and their roots) that re-emerge.


  • Use a hose or watering can to dampen the soil, then evenly sow Luxury Lawn Lawn Seed at a rate of 35g per square metre. Lightly rake the area then gently tread the seed in.


  • If autumn is dry, regularly water to keep the seed bed moist, using a watering can with a fine rose or hose with a fine spray. Shoots of young grass will emerge in 14 to 21 days, if conditions are good.


  • Allow new grass to reach a height of 5-8cm (2-3in) before cutting for the first time, with the lawnmowers blades raised. Once established, grass sown from Luxury Lawn can be closely mown to a height of around 13mm.



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