Give shabby lawns a well-deserved mid-summer boost with 100% organic Super Smart Lawn Feed

After lawns across the UK were dealt a double whammy by the driest May on record, combined with abnormally heavy wear and tear during the Covid-19 lockdown, the nation’s formerly green sward is crying out for a bit of TLC.


For gardeners, however, titivating their turf during the warmer months requires a change of mindset. Traditionally, lawn-owners have been encouraged to apply spring and autumn lawn fertilisers, but Super Smart Lawn Feed from Johnsons Lawn Seed is a game-changer, as the unique formulation can be applied to work its magic at any time between February and September, as long as lawns are not suffering from drought or freezing temperatures.


Super Smart’s scientifically proven formula will come to the rescue of shabby lawns that were denied a spring feed, as many gardeners were unable to buy lawn fertiliser while garden centres nationwide remained closed during lockdown, or conditions were too dry to apply lawn food. Now that grass is actively growing again thanks to recent rain and cooler temperatures, Super Smart Lawn Feed – which can be used throughout the season – is just the ticket for rejuvenating tired turf. Its three-in-one formula will work wonders by greening-up grass and strengthening root systems, helping lawns to cope with the warm conditions and wear and tear that lie ahead during high summer.


Johnson’s Lawn Seed’s Consumer Manager, Guy Jenkins, said: “The days of gardeners having to treat lawns with chemicals early or late in the season to keep turf looking at its best are long gone. Super Smart Lawn Feed uses only naturally occurring ingredients and is 100% organic, directly addressing the needs of gardeners who want to enjoy a beautiful lawn but are no longer prepared to resort to chemicals in outdoor spaces where families, children and pets will be enjoying the staycation summer. A manicured lawn transforms the appearance of a garden, and Super Smart Lawn Feed is the only feed that gardeners need for getting grass into shape, especially if they missed the chance earlier this year.”


How does Super Smart Lawn Feed work?

Suitable for both new and established lawns, concentrated Super Smart Lawn Feed is significantly different to traditional lawn fertilisers. With 80% of a grass plant laying beneath the soil surface in the form of roots, the ingredients in Super Smart work in harmony to nurture the underground engine of a lawn in three clever ways:


  • Beneficial bacteria called Azospirillum feed lawns by attaching themselves to the roots of grass plants, fixing nitrogen from the atmosphere while channelling plant hormones and vitamins directly into the root – exactly where they are needed. This means that grass roots are fed while unwanted lawn weeds are left to go hungry.


  • Soluble mycorrhizae can increase a lawn’s root system by up to 150 times! As a lawn comprises a dense carpet of grass plants, mycorrhizae help roots to become connected, sharing water and nutrients for a healthier lawn. Many gardeners will have only used mychorrizae that must be applied to bare soil at planting time, but Super Smart Lawn Feed’s soluble mycorrhizae, which can be watered-in naturally by rainfall or via a hosepipe, means that the feed can be used to improve established lawns as well as newly planted areas of grass.


  • Seaweed extract, which is rich in micronutrients, acts as a natural tonic, helping to provide the dense, green lawn appearance that gardeners crave. Brilliant results are achieved without resorting to iron, an ingredient in some traditional chemical lawn fertilisers, which can have a detrimental effect on soil over a long term.


For best results, gardeners should mow their lawns before applying Super Smart Lawn Feed, to help the fertiliser make good contact with the ground. Super Smart can be applied using the pack’s handy built-in applicator or a suitable spreader, and only needs to be applied at 10g/m2, although gardeners can put it down at higher rates of up to 30g/m2 if required, without any danger of the feed scorching or harming lawns. A 1kg carton of Super Smart Lawn Feed, which has an SRP of £12.99, will feed a lawn of up to 100m2.


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