Help your plants to survive heatwaves with Primeur’s stylish Tierra Verde self-watering planters

After one of the wettest winters in recent memory, which resulted in widespread flooding, it is hard to imagine that gardens could face the prospect of drought this summer – after barely a drop of rain fell across many regions of the UK in April and May.


Now, as high summer approaches and the mercury soars, gardeners are wrestling with hosepipes and draining the last drops from water butts in a daily battle to keep plants alive until the heavens next open. Container plants are most at risk from drying out rapidly during dry spells, while their dense canopies of flowers and foliage can inadvertently act a barrier that prevents rain from penetrating and trickling down into parched compost.


Thankfully, Primeur has come up with an ingenious solution that not only cuts down on the chore of watering but sets a new benchmark for environmental responsibility. Tierra Verde self-watering planters, made from recycled rubber that’s salvaged from old tyres, feature a sleek, upmarket appearance that helps these stylish containers to blend into any garden setting – just the ticket for contemporary outdoor rooms or traditional cottage gardens.

The secret behind the success of Tierra Verde planters, which won the Garden Industry Manufacturers’ Association (GIMA) Sword of Excellence in 2019, is their self-watering base – a reservoir that can be set to collect excess water, preventing wastage due to run-off, and providing a handy moisture resource that plant roots can gradually take up as and when required.

The smart design allows Tierra Verde planters to be used in the home as well – bringing the outdoors inside – while eliminating the danger of water escaping and damaging carpets or flooring. This enhances the containers’ appeal to gardeners who are keen to grow tender or exotic plants outdoors during the warmer months but bring them into the house or a conservatory for protection during winter, without the danger of water leaking from the base.


Primeur’s Jenny Douthwaite said: “We have been fortunate to enjoy one of the best spring gardening seasons in memory during this uncertain period of lockdown, but the downside to months of warm, dry weather is that container plants can rapidly become thirsty, with gardeners watering daily, or twice a day during extreme heat, to keep plants at their prime. Tierra Verde self-watering planters are a game-changer, helping to distribute moisture slowly and evenly as plants need it, while forgetting to water for a day or so is unlikely to result in damage to plants growing in these stylish, eco-friendly planters.”


Unbreakable Tierra Verde planters have been engineered to last, even in the harshest of environments. The containers won’t fade, stain, rot or crack – even if planters topple in high winds or are struck by a stray football. Whether temperatures soar to desert-like highs or plunge below freezing in winter, planters will not shatter, unlike some traditional pots. Recycled rubber won’t become smothered in mould or mildew, meaning that planters don’t have to be scrubbed or pressure washed.


Recycled tyres are the special ingredient behind Primeur’s garden innovations. Globally, 2.5billion tyres are produced every year, creating a huge volume of waste when they come to the end of their serviceable life. With each tyre containing over 200 ingredients, it can take 80 years for a waste tyre to decompose – but 6kg of rubber crumb can be recycled from just one tyre and reformed into ingenious new garden products, preventing a mountain of waste from ending up in landfill.


Tierra Verde planters comprise a number of collections to suit all tastes. Sonata and Symphony planters with their elegant tapered appearance are offered in pewter or slate with heights ranging from 33cm to 71cm. For gardeners looking to stage a bold, wow factor effect, Horizon, Serenity and Vitality planters (also available in pewter or slate) stand 67cm tall, integrating into modern or classic garden designs. And that’s just a snapshot of the extensive range on offer!


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