Meet Neudorff’s Famous Five – the planet-friendly way to help your garden flourish this summer

The UK is experiencing a green gardening revolution as gardeners shun chemicals in favour of organic, natural and vegan plant feeds and pest controls. As gardeners plant out flowers and veg now that the danger of frost is over, Guy Jenkins, of Neudorff’s UK distribution partner DLF Seeds, reveals how Neudorff’s ‘famous five’ are gentle to people, pets and the environment – helping gardeners to achieve bloomin’ brilliant results.


1 Neudorff Organic Multipurpose Plant Feed

Bigger blooms and longer-lasting flowers – that’s the promise from Neudorff’s child and pet-safe organic liquid fertiliser that’s perfect for use on all ornamentals as well as house plants.


A first choice for gardeners who are striving to grow flowers using fertilisers that respect nature, Organic Multipurpose Plant Feed is derived from organic materials and is a natural by-product of sugar beet production. It’s packed with vitamins, enzymes and vegetation-supporting substances that enhance plant growth and promote brilliant displays of flowers all summer.



2 Neudorff Organic Tomato Feed

Tomatoes are Britain’s favourite home-grown crop: easy to grow and unbeatable for flavour. For a harvest of intensely sweet fruits, regular feeding with Neudorff’s Organic Tomato Feed is vital.


It contains a high level of potassium to help gardeners grow bumper crops of healthy, flavoursome tomatoes, while the formulation also provides excellent results on all edibles. The organic liquid compound fertiliser, which is certified by the Organic Farmers and Growers’ Association (OF&G) is also approved for vegan use. Whether you’re growing tomatoes in greenhouses, patio pots, growing bags or in kitchen gardens or allotments, it’s the only tomato feed that gardeners need.


3 Neudorff Sluggo Slug & Snail Killer Ultra

Now that rain and damp conditions have finally returned following the dry spring, slugs and snails are out in force, setting their sights on gardeners’ prized flowers, fruit and veg. Put an end to this plant-wrecking destruction by stopping molluscs in their tracks with Neudorff’s metaldehyde-free Sluggo Slug & Snail Killer Ultra.


Based on Iron-III-phosphate, an iron compound that also occurs in nature, its powerful micro-pellets are ideal for targeting slugs and snails that are currently emerging in gardens and on allotments. Thanks to the pellets’ innovative bait technology, they’re extremely resistant to rain, and no unpleasant slime trails or dead slugs will be visible.



4 Neudorff BugFree Bug & Larvae Killer

In mid-summer, pests can wreak havoc. Tackle infestations quickly with Neudorff’s BugFree Bug & Larvae Killer – an effective, ready-to-use spray that’s free from neonicotinoids.


Based on pyrethrum, an active ingredient that’s derived from chrysanthemum flowers, it can be used to control sucking and biting insects such as aphids, thrips, spider mites, whitefly, mealy bug, scale insects, leaf-feeding beetles, caterpillars and flea beetles on a variety of ornamental plants, as well as for use on apple, pear and kohlrabi. BugFree Bug and Larvae Killer Concentrate is available for use on ornamental plants in protected situations.


5 Neudorff AntFree Ant Killer Granules

Here’s a perfect solution that will help gardeners to control ants’ tunnelling and hollowing-out of gaps around the house on paths, patios and terraces. The versatile granules, derived from Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium extract, can be used from the pack or dissolved in water and applied with a watering can to penetrate deep into nests.


Prices and pack sizes:

  • Organic Multipurpose Plant Feed has an RRP of £5.99 for a one-litre bottle.
  • Organic Tomato Feed has an RRP of £5.99 for a one-litre bottle.
  • Sluggo Slug & Snail Killer Ultra has an RRP of £7.49 for a 600g bottle.
  • BugFree Bug and Larvae Killer has an RRP of £6.49 for a 750 ml spray bottle.
  • AntFree Ant Killer Granules has an RRP of £6.49 for a 500g shaker can.


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