Banish lawn burn and enjoy a green sward to be proud of this summer with Dog Rocks

It is often said that an Englishman’s home is his castle, and whether that castle is a suburban semi-detached or a beautiful country cottage, no castle is complete without a bowling green-style lawn. For dog-owning gardeners, however, that dream can often prove to be far from reality, with formerly lush, green swards blighted by yellow patches as a result of four-legged friends using grass as their toilet.


The good news is that the nation’s green-fingered enthusiasts need no longer be terrier-fied of the damage inflicted on lawns by canine catastrophes. Dog Rocks are 100% natural igneous rocks that are placed in pets’ drinking water bowls where they remove some nitrates, ammonia and trace elements, providing hounds with a cleaner source of water to quench their thirst. By reducing the level of nitrates in a dog’s wee, grass will no longer look ‘ruff’ due to unsightly damage that results from urine scorch.


It may sound like a magic trick, but there’s no need to say ‘Labracadabrador’ and hope for the best! Simply allow three to five weeks and these ingenious rocks will work their magic, and lawn order will be restored in time for a staycation summer of relaxing outdoors. In fact, since their discovery in Australia during the 1990s, Dog Rocks are now the go-to solution for millions of pet-owners worldwide, who don’t have to worry about pet urine burning their precious grass.


Dog Rocks’ Carina Evans said: “Dog Rocks are re-writing the rules of gardening – no longer are lawns and beloved family pets incompatible. What’s so smart about Dog Rocks is that, unlike other products on the market, they do not alter the pH of a dog’s urine, so pet-owners can relax in the knowledge that they’re not medicating their dog, and can once again enjoy a lawn to be proud of. Dog Rocks have been endorsed by vets and ‘pet parents’ worldwide – they’re the simple, effective, preventative measure that lawn-owners who dream of tip-top turf have been crying out for. Gardeners would be barking mad not to try them!”


Drinking water filtered and purified by Dog Rocks is purer than tap water, so it’s safe for all pets in the household to enjoy. Whether this summer turns out to be a scorcher or it rains cats and dogs, one thing’s for sure, those pesky yellow patches on lawns need never spoil gardeners’ pride and joy ever again.


Dog Rocks, in line with the trend for eco-friendly gardening, are supplied in sustainable cardboard pouches with no plastics used whatsoever – and represent excellent value for money compared to the cost and hassle of continually repairing or re-turfing scorched lawns. A two-month supply of Dog Rocks (200g) costs £12.00, whilst larger 600g bags can be purchased for £24.00. A special monthly subscription can also be purchased at £24.00. Smaller dogs can also benefit from using Dog Rocks with a special 100g bag available for £9.99.


Pull-out box

How to use Dog Rocks in five simple steps

  1. You’ll need 200g of Dog Rocks per water bowl.
  2. Rinse the rocks to remove any dust.
  3. Submerge the rocks in two litres of water in your dog’s drinking bowl
  4. Leave the rocks for 10 hours, ideally overnight, to become effective.
  5. Replace Dog Rocks every two months, or they won’t be able to absorb any more impurities.


Dog Rocks can be purchased from a range of retailers including leading pet stores, as well as from


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