Harness the power of Neudorff’s natural gardening range in time for peak season, says DLF Seeds

DLF Seeds, the UK distributor for Neudorff’s leading portfolio of environmentally conscious gardening products, is urging retailers to leverage the full sales potential of the company’s innovative fertilisers and pest controls as peak season approaches.


Neudorff, which has the widest range of products certified by the Organic Farmers and Growers Association (OF&G), is now exclusively distributed in the UK by DLF Seeds, owner of Johnsons Lawn Seed, the UK’s oldest lawn seed supplier.


The company is urging retailers to ensure that sufficient stock is available to coincide with the season’s highest levels of demand for products that effectively control common pests such as slugs and ants. The sales season for tomato and plant fertiliser is also about to peak as consumers plant out young ornamental and edible plants from June onwards.


Johnsons Lawn Seed’s Consumer Manager, Guy Jenkins, said: “The warm, sunny spring combined with a resurgence of interest in grow-your-own during lockdown is set to create considerable demand for natural plant protection products and fertilisers. Neudorff has a long and prestigious heritage in natural gardening and its tried-and-tested formulations are ideally positioned to appeal to the UK’s growing band of eco-friendly, organic and vegan consumers who are actively seeking gardening products that are gentle to people, pets and the environment.”


Guy added: “With novice gardeners who dabbled in grow-your-own for the first time during lockdown now heading to retail outlets in addition to experienced gardeners, it is vital that stockists maximise the full potential of Neudorff’s iconic sunflower logo-emblazoned portfolio at a time when the opportunity to inspire and capture a new audience has never been greater. Neudorff’s innovative and creative merchandising solutions offer retailers the highest opportunity to drive footfall and further develop the expanding naturals sector.”


[Pull out box] Key Neudorff products to ignite staycation summer sales









  • Neudorff Organic Tomato Feed is a liquid fertiliser that’s approved for vegan use. It contains a high level of potassium to help consumers achieve bumper crops of healthy, flavoursome tomatoes, and produces excellent results on all edibles.
  • Neudorff Organic Multipurpose Plant Feed appeals to consumers who are looking to grow bigger blooms and longer-lasting flowers. The organic liquid fertiliser is child and pet safe and can be used on all ornamentals as well as house plants.


  • After the dry spring created ideal conditions for ant infestations, Neudorff’s AntFree Ant Killer Granules are the go-to choice to help consumers control tunnelling and hollowing-out of gaps around the house on paths, patios and terraces.


  • Neudorff’s metaldehyde-free Sluggo Slug & Snail Killer Ultra features powerful micro-pellets that are ideal for targeting slugs and snails that emerge when consumers plant out ornamentals and edibles now that the risk of frost is over.


  • The period from June onwards offers the greatest potential to maximise sales of Neudorff’s BugFree Bug & Larvae Killer – an effective, ready-to-use spray that’s free from neonicotinoids. It can be used to control sucking and biting insects on a variety of ornamental plants as well as apple, pear and kohlrabi.



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To find out more about the availability of Neudorff’s leading gardening products via DLF Seeds’ exclusive distribution network, please call 01386 791113 or email info@johnsonslawnseed.co.uk. Or for more information about Neudorff’s natural gardening portfolio, visit www.neudorff.co.uk




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