Life after drought: DJ Turfcare shares top tips on how to create a beautiful lawn after a drought with its revolutionary Recovery product

With the forecast showing sunshine for the long-term, and increased footfall adding additional pressure as the nation adheres to lockdown law, it is only a matter of time before our lawns bear the brunt and come to resemble nothing more than coconut matting. Here DJ Turfcare’s David Jenkins shares his top tips on how to help lawns get back to their best following a period of prolonged exposure to sun and little to no water and explains how its bestselling RHS endorsed Recovery can help promote healthy growth at this time.


David said: “The current weather has been truly wonderful and just what we need as our homes and gardens become our sanctuaries during lockdown, but for lawns it is the stuff of nightmares. A few days of sunshine can quickly turn normally lush landscapes into yellow, dry tinderboxes. However, all is not lost. DJ Turfcare’s Recovery is a product that is proven to deliver results in such challenging conditions.”



Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink

During a dry period, it is always tempting to irrigate your lawn, but this can prove to be expensive and the use of hosepipes and sprinklers is often banned just when you need them the most. When we do water, we need to realise that we are not watering the plant but replenishing the water content in the soil. It is from this reservoir that the plant draws its moisture and nourishment. So often people irrigate with one eye on the water meter resulting in putting up their water bills but not satisfying the needs of their lawns and so the lawn continues to be put under stress.


Start from the root up

Like any plant, lawns are reliant on having a strong root system. What we need to realise is that during drought periods the grass roots will have started to die back as will the micro-organisms which live in the soil. These micro-organisms exist in their millions in normal conditions and are essential for healthy plant growth, as they break down the nutrients (like fertilisers) in the soil and transport them to the grass roots. They also stimulate the growth of root hairs, the main mechanism for food and water intake for the plant. So, after a drought our priority should be to revitalise the soil. At this time, it is tempting to use a fertiliser to give the lawn an additional boost, however many fertilisers have a high nitrogen content, which pushes for a green blade growth but also weakens the grass plant in the process. This adds stress to the plant which is already struggling.


A great alternative would be to use ‘Recovery’ created by Belgian lawn care experts, Viano, and distributed by DJ Turfcare in the UK. Recovery has been created for those moments when lawns need revitalising and sprucing up. An organic-based fertiliser, containing a number of effective ingredients – including Humifirst, a unique ingredient that creates biological activity in the soil and acts as a plant growth stimulant – Recovery is also perfect for use before laying turf, seeding or as an autumn lawn feed. The lawn develops hardwearing characteristics after application, making Recovery the top choice for use after drought, areas of high footfall and after scarification. Like the other products in the range, Recovery is also pet and child-friendly.


Recovery forms part of the RHS endorsed range, exclusive to DJ Turfcare. Made up of MO Bacter, MO Bacter Instants, Bio-Lime and Recovery, the chemical-free range makes the only lawn care range of this type to receive endorsement from the Royal Horticultural Society.


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