Sales of firewood skyrocket during lockdown

Fire is at the heart of every good story. The story of evolution – perhaps the greatest story of all – has seen mankind, since the beginning of time, place fire right at the heart of the home, as a place to eat, as a source of light and warmth, or as the centre point for bringing us together to socialise. Nowadays, we may believe we are less reliant on fire but its power to bring us together and create memories has never waned. In fact, right now, fire has an incredibly important role to play.


Think about your happiest memories – chances are fire will feature in there somewhere. It might be a campfire on summer holidays where you cooked s’mores and sausages as the sun set, it might be a roaring fire providing the backdrop to the perfect Christmas morning, or it might be candles that provided that perfect flickering light as you fell in love for the first time, or laughed with your friends until your belly hurt.  With fire playing such a pivotal part of our memory making, and its ability to calm well documented, it will come as no surprise that more and more people are turning to fire to help them through some of the darker days that comes from a nationwide lockdown.


Lockdown sees sales peak

Kindwood, the UK’s first and only true sustainable firewood brand, has seen sales of its sustainable kiln dried logs skyrocket during lockdown as consumers look for a way to add a touch of the ‘warm and fuzzy’ to their day, whilst also helping to protect the environment.


Taylor Gathercole, founder of Kindwood said: “Right now, we’re all looking for ways to add some light to our days, both literally and figuratively. Being at home 24/7 is giving us more reason to spend quality time together, with togetherness having an incredibly important role in our mental wellbeing.  Fire – which has been bringing us together for millions of years – is continuing to do so as we look for new ways to spend time together in the home or garden. For many, fire is providing the perfect backdrop to eat, relax or as a centre for socialising together whether it’s with a glass of wine at the end of the day, curled up in front of the TV or as part of the new home-schooling programme that sees campfire stories letting children’s imaginations run wild. There is no doubt that fire will also feature heavily in our post-lockdown social calendars as staycations will most likely replace international travel for the foreseeable.”


Sustainability strikes a chord with consumers

One of the many reasons why more consumers are becoming loyal Kindwood customers is the brand’s commitment to sustainability, something the company takes great strides in promoting via its website, social media activity and even on the product packaging.


Taylor added: “If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that the world is a precious place and we must do all we can protect it.  There is no doubt that we’ve been moving towards a better understanding of why sustainability matters, but recent events have intensified this need and are resulting in more and more consumers making better choices for themselves and the world around them. We are finding that Kindwood’s own sustainability goals and brand story has certainly resonated with our customers. At Kindwood we call this the ‘Kind Comfort’ or the #comfortrevolution. It’s the double dose of warm and fuzzy that comes from sitting in front of a fire, as well as knowing you are doing some good for the environment.”

The Kindwood Difference

You might be asking what makes Kindwood’s products different? The answer is simple – these are products that are supported by a true passion; a passion for products that deliver better than expected results without compromising on sustainability.


Locally sourced timber – All Kindwood logs are sourced from within an 80-mile radius of the company’s headquarters in Norfolk, and only sustainably sourced wood is used to create the Kindwood logs, helping to prevent further damage to UK woodlands.


Reliant on renewable energy – Kindwood uses 100% renewable energy throughout its processes, and even captures waste heat from an on-site biogas plant to dry its wood, cutting down the drying time from 18+ months to just four to five days. No energy is consumed from the National Grid.


Responsible packaging – One of the things customers remark upon the most is Kindwood’s use of rustic recycled apple crates as packaging.  Once considered waste product, these crates make the perfect fireside addition or can be used around the garden or home as additional storage. Hessian sacks complete the offering, meaning Kindwood uses zero plastic anywhere in its production or packaging.


All Kindwood products can be purchased directly from Prices range from £25.00 – £175.00 for its kiln dried logs. Kindling is available from £22.97, and firelighters – made from 100% recycled waste wood and recycled vegetable oil – are priced from £13.99.


In a nutshell – Kindwood’s Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs

  • Kiln-dried to less than 20% moisture content
  • Dried using 100% captured waste heat from a biogas plant at our yard
  • Burns at a high temperature with a long and natural flame
  • Low in tar so better for your appliance
  • Ideal for wood burning stoves, multi-fuel stoves, pizza ovens or traditional open fires
  • Can be used in chimeneas to keep you warm outside on late summer nights
  • Packed in ex-fruit/veg crates from local farms & orchards
  • Carefully sourced from responsibly managed woodland in the UK


Don’t have a firepit, don’t worry! Kindwood shares its step-by-step guide to building a fire in your garden

If you don’t have a firepit then why not use an old washing machine drum, or build a small wall from unused bricks or stones just like you used to on summer camping holidays? If you’re using the stone technique, then getting it ready couldn’t be easier – here’s a simple guide that’s a sure-fire way to get your fire burning this summer!

  • First make a clearing for the fire. Ideally, fires should be constructed on bare dirt as it’s the safest terrain.
  • Dig a dent into the ground where you want to build your campfire. The centre should be the lowest point to allow for the best fire control and to act as a container of the ashes afterwards.
  • Collect medium-sized stones or bricks and position them in a circle around the dent. This will help set a boundary and contain the fire.
  • Make sure you access to something to extinguish the fire if it gets out of hand, such as a bucket of water.
  • Gather your tinder and kindling wood and make sure it’s dry. If you are not using tinder and kindling you have purchased then dry leaves, dry bark, and small dry branches and twigs respectively will make a great substitute.
  • At the centre of your ‘firepit’ build a small pile of tinder, then stack the kindling in the shape of a tepee over the tinder. Keep adding more until it takes a solid structure, then add the firewood against the pieces to strengthen the tepee. Leave a space in the wind’s direction so air can flow, and so you can access the kindling to light it.
  • Using a match or a gas lighter carefully light the tinder.
  • Keep adding new pieces of firewood as the fire burns and wood starts to disintegrate. Try to avoid overloading the fire as this will cause it to die.
  • Finally, sit back and feel the stresses of the day melt away as you relax and watch the flames jump and leap about, and let the warmth slowly envelop you.
  • When it’s time to put the fire out, gradually sprinkle water onto it and save the buckets of water or extinguisher for large fires that must be put out immediately. When the fire dies down, use a long stick to mix the ashes and check that all of the embers are dying and put out. Once the ashes are cold, you’ll know it’s fully out.

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