No containers to grow flowers and veg? No problem! Head online for Primeur’s eco-friendly range

With the nation isolating at home during lockdown and the doors to garden centres remaining firmly closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Primeur’s eco-friendly recycled rubber innovations – from ultra-tough and stylish Tierra Verde containers to stepping stones and border edging – are easily available online for home-delivery.


Gardens across the UK have become sanctuaries as households follow advice to stay at home, but the experience has been frustrating for many gardeners who have time on their hands but have been unable to buy springtime essentials required to turn gardening ambitions into reality. However, with Primeur’s eco-friendly recycled rubber products available at online retailers including Harrod Horticultural, Greenfingers and Primrose, getting hold of the company’s range has never been easier.


As the nation once again digs for victory to beat food shortages at the supermarkets, and mail-order sales of fruit, young veg plants and flowers reportedly soar, Primeur has been working tirelessly to make sure its award-winning Tierra Verde planters, made from recycled tyres and available in a host of shapes and sizes, can be bought over the web at the click of a mouse and promptly delivered to gardeners’ front doors.


Primeur’s Jenny Douthwaite said: “The start to this year’s gardening season has certainly been unlike any other – many of us have had time at home to work on our gardens but have struggled to get hold of larger items such as planters while garden centres remain closed. With Primeur’s virtually indestructible Tierra Verde planters, recycled rubber borders and stepping stones readily available online, there’s no need to put projects off until garden centres reopen, so the lockdown can be put to use for getting gardens into shape for summer.”


Tierra Verde planters have been designed with timeless silhouettes to offer unrivalled durability – search online for the range’s popular Sonata and Symphony planters. Each planter is supplied with a self-watering base, allowing the range to be used inside homes as well as in the garden. Tierra Verde planters are mould and mildew resistant, eliminating the messy chore of scrubbing green algae from containers. Because rubber is a softer alternative to glazed or Terracotta containers, it’s a safer option to use in gardens where children and pets play. Plus, rubber containers won’t crack, fade, stain or rot – even during scorching summers or freezing winters.


Installing Recycled Rubber Stepping Stones across lawns or gravel areas is a fun and rewarding project for lockdown. Grippy rubber stepping stones reduce the risk of slips, while shoes will no longer become caked in mud when attempting to access sheds, greenhouses, veg plots and garages during wet weather.


Recycled rubber stepping stones are virtually indestructible, unlike their stone counterparts. While slippery algae can quickly build up on paths or easily smashed concrete stepping stones, these clever rubber alternatives are mould and mildew-resistant, ensuring excellent grip. Rubber stepping stones set in lawns or soil are sufficiently robust to resist damage if struck by lawnmowers or nylon cord trimmers. Primeur’s extensive line-up includes reversible stepping stones featuring a host of eye-catching designs, including dragonfly, butterfly, scroll patterns, cracked log designs, river rock patterns that resemble pebbles and creative leaf motifs.


Finally, installing attractive edging to get borders looking good for summer has never been easier, thanks to Primeur’s Recycled Rubber Border Collection, a lightweight alternative to easily broken, heavy concrete edging. The 1.2 metre-long recycled rubber borders offer excellent natural flexibility, allowing them to curve and flow around existing lines of planting, while helping gardeners to be more adventurous with their designs and create wow factor in gardens.


Recycled rubber borders can help to reduce the risk of injuries in gardens where children will be playing, as their texture is a softer alternative to hard concrete edging. They are available in a range of designs to cater for all tastes – from natural Roman Stone Borders to Scallop Borders and Flexi-Curve borders with Scroll or Rockwall designs. Ultra Curve EZ Borders come with brick or stone effects, creating the appearance of hard landscaping but with the benefit of easy installation.


The secret behind Primeur’s eco-friendly garden products is recycled rubber. Globally, 2.5billion tyres are produced every year, creating a huge volume of waste at the end of their serviceable life. With each tyre containing over 200 ingredients, it can take 80 years for a waste tyre to decompose – but 6kg of rubber crumb can be recycled from just one tyre and transformed into stylish and durable garden products.


To buy Primeur’s Tierra Verde planters, Recycled Rubber Stepping Stones and Recycled Rubber Border Collections online, visit, or Or visit for more details about the range.




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In 2019 Primeur celebrated the milestone of its 50th year in business – an achievement they are incredibly proud of. the company is honoured to work with many of the UK’s retail groups and independents creating bespoke ranges as well as expanding its own brand offer. Just over 50,000 sq. ft of warehousing at its head office in Bingley, West Yorkshire ensures Primeur’s customers have 100% availability and can react to increases in demand quickly. Innovation and product development have been key to the business’ success and remains at the heart of what the Primeur team do today.