Tackle pests the eco-conscious way with Neudorff’s BugFree Bug and Larvae Killer – a handy spray that’s free from neonicotinoids

As the tide turns against traditional chemicals, and gardeners seek out products that respect nature, Neudorff is throwing the spotlight on its BugFree Bug and Larvae Killer – an effective control against a variety of troublesome pests that’s based on a natural active ingredient.


Concerns over the use of synthetic insecticides, in particular some neonicotinoids that have been linked to bee decline, are driving change in the pest control sector. Neudorff’s BugFree Bug and Larvae Killer can be used in confidence that it is neonicotinoid-free, while providing effective control against sucking and biting insects such as aphids, thrips, spider mites, whitefly, mealy bug, scale insects, leaf-feeding beetles, caterpillars and flea beetles.


Available from many online retailers, and supplied as a handy ready-to-use spray, the control is the first port of call for treating a wide variety of ornamental plants, as well as for use on apple, pear and kohlrabi crops in gardens and on allotments. For use on ornamental plants in protected situations, BugFree Bug and Larvae Killer Concentrate is available.


Certified by the Organic Farmers & Growers’ Association, the natural ingredient behind the success of Neudorff’s BugFree Bug and Larvae Killer is pyrethrum, an active ingredient that’s derived from chrysanthemum flowers. Neudorff ensures that all pyrethrum used in its products is responsibly sourced – and has been using natural pyrethrum in its pest control range since 1861!

Natural pyrethrum is a contact insecticide that effectively kills plant pests and is best applied early in the morning or late in the evening. As the ingredient breaks down rapidly when exposed to sunlight, the risk of insects developing an immunity to pyrethrum is very low, while pyrethrum does not pose a risk to warm-blooded creatures such as cats, dogs, humans and other mammals.


Guy Jenkins, Consumer Manager at Neudorff’s UK distribution Partner, DLF Seeds Ltd, said: “BugFree Bug and Larvae Killer is at the heart of Neudorff’s range that has been inspired by nature and strives to respect nature. The UK’s gardeners increasingly regard themselves as custodians of the planet and protectors of wildlife, and that’s why we’re seeing a shift away from neonicotinoid insecticides, as fears grow over reported links to bee decline. Our bug killer based on natural pyrethrum is perfect for eco-conscious gardeners, ensuring that mature insect pests – as well as their eggs and larvae – can be effectively controlled using only natural active ingredients.”


For further peace of mind, gardeners can relax in the knowledge that using BugFree Bug and Larvae Killer is a breeze. At first sign of pest attack, the ready-to-use control should be applied as a fine spray, thoroughly wetting the leaves and stems of infested plants. To provide maximum coverage, gardeners should also ensure that the undersides of leaves are thoroughly sprayed, too.


A 750 ml spray bottle of BugFree Bug and Larvae Killer has an RRP of £6.49. For more information visit www.neudorff.co.uk for details. Or find online stockists on www.neudorff.co.uk/stockists.html.


Neudorff, experts in natural gardening since 1854, is one of the few companies worldwide to develop its own plant protection and plant care products, with the widest range of products certified by the Organic Farmers and Growers’ Association. Since entering the UK market in 2012, the company has built-up an enviable reputation for offering the highest quality gardening products that are gentle to people, pets and the environment.




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Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.