Primeur’s unbreakable recycled rubber range will remain pristine during the lockdown

Primeur’s new generation of ‘virtually indestructible’ garden ranges, which are renowned for their ability to endure punishing levels of wear and tear without suffering damage, will remain in pristine condition whether garden centres are forced to remain closed for weeks or locked down for months.

Unlike traditional materials commonly sold for garden use, Primuer’s Eco Garden range of recycled rubber innovations will not crack, fade, stain or rot. This exceptional level of robustness offers unrivalled reassurance for retailers, who have added peace of mind that their investment in stock from Primeur will not deteriorate or require maintenance while the gardening public remains in mandatory isolation.

With garden centres maintained by a skeleton staff during the Covid-19 crisis, and managers channeling their limited resources into keeping perishable plant stock alive, Primeur’s in-store displays of products that have been designed to resist damage in the warehouse and on the shop floor will stand the test of time without requiring any attention. Recycled rubber doesn’t attract mould or mildew – so products won’t become covered in green algae or become slippery, helping to keep stock maintenance costs down.

The material that has transformed this low maintenance concept into reality is recycled rubber, an ingredient that also offers retailers a unique selling point when it comes to sustainability. With the Eco Garden range made from recycled rubber tyres, the line-up is appealing to the UK’s growing band of environmentally conscious consumers who increasingly scrutinise a product’s green credentials at the point of purchase. Recycled rubber products are growing in appeal as consumers look for greener alternatives to plastics, in a bid to play their part in protecting the planet.

With 1.5 billion tyres worldwide reaching the end of their useful life every year, and over 200 ingredients going into making a single tyre, waste tyres can take up to 80 years to decompose. However, 6kg of rubber crumb can be recycled from each tyre, and that ingredient holds the key to creating durable garden products that are almost indestructible.

While recycled rubber helps to relieve the burden of waste tyres on the environment, the material’s flexibility and durability offers a host of USPs that retailers can take advantage of to drive sales as soon as stores are permitted to re-open. Rubber has an excellent ability to expand and contract as temperatures vary, meaning that scorching summers and freezing winters won’t degrade or damage stock in retail sales areas, whether they’re merchandised outdoors or under glass.

Unlike some traditional non-frost proof containers, recycled rubber planters won’t crack in sub-zero temperatures, or smash if displays topple due to strong winds or accident-prone shoppers. This level of durability is a win-win situation, as retailers can avoid writing-off stock while eliminating wastage bills – and consumers benefit from exceptionally tough products that withstand wild weather while being lawnmower, nylon cord trimmer, child and pet safe.

Jenny Douthwaite, Sales Director at Primeur, said: “Reducing stock wastage during the enforced shutdown will be at the top of the agenda for retail managers nationwide. In a time of unprecedented uncertainty, it is reassuring to know that Primeur’s recycled rubber ranges will look as good when garden centres re-open as they did on the day of delivery, without requiring human intervention. Our collections – from the award-winning Tierra Verde planters to recycled rubber stepping-stones and border collections – are almost indestructible, significantly reducing the risk of product being damaged on the shop floor. The durability of recycled rubber is helping retailers to ensure that 100% of an order will go through the tills without any stock ending up in the skip.”


At the heart of Primeur’s ultra-tough collection are Tierra Verde Recycled Rubber Planters – a game changer in the pots and containers category and proud winner of the coveted Sword of Excellence and Decorative Garden Pots and Planters Category Winner at the 2019 GIMA Awards. Engineered for all seasons, these unbreakable planters not only divert materials from landfill and give them a new lease of life, but their robustness eliminates the risk of damage in transit and in store. As an added bonus, weather and frost-resistant Tierra Verde planters come with a self-watering base, raising their appeal to consumers by allowing them to be used both inside homes and outdoors.


Border edging is another area where traditional products have been notoriously susceptible to breakages in the past, but the cost of wastage has been consigned to history with Primeur’s Eco Garden Border Collection. Also made from recycled rubber, this lightweight alternative to heavy stone and concrete will not shatter or crack if bent. In fact, the nature of rubber allows these borders to be flexible, helping consumers to curve and flow around existing lines in their gardens. Easy to secure with spikes provided, the border collection comes in a range of attractive designs including Roman Stone, Scallop, Rockwall, Brick and Stones.


The same all-season durability is engineered in Primeur’s Eco Stone Stepping-Stone Collection – a much softer alternative to hard landscaping materials in the event of trips and falls – and Recycled Rubber Deck Tiles, a safer substitute for decking that won’t rot or become slippery unlike traditional timber structures. For easy, high-impact merchandising, Primeur’s ranges are supplied palletised or on display stands, with full colour point-of-sale materials that highlight recycled rubber’s unbreakable toughness, as well as its environmentally friendly, child and pet safe, and mould and rot-resistant characteristics.


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In 2019 Primeur celebrated the milestone of its 50th year in business – an achievement they are incredibly proud of. the company is honoured to work with many of the UK’s retail groups and independents creating bespoke ranges as well as expanding its own brand offer. Just over 50,000 sq. ft of warehousing at its head office in Bingley, West Yorkshire ensures Primeur’s customers have 100% availability and can react to increases in demand quickly. Innovation and product development have been key to the business’ success and remains at the heart of what the Primeur team do today.