Put your best foot forward with Primeur’s eco-friendly recycled rubber stepping stones

One small step for gardeners, one giant leap for the environment!

The days of trips, slips and muddy shoes are long gone, thanks to Primeur’s Recycled Rubber Stepping Stone Collection. Now, crossing a soggy lawn or veg patch will no longer entail negotiating an assault course because rubber stepping stones combine the ultimate in grip underfoot with the latest on-trend landscaping styles.


In an age when environmentally friendly shopping is increasingly influencing gardeners’ buying decisions, the Recycled Rubber Stepping Stone Collection ticks all the boxes as ‘stones’ are actually made from rubber salvaged from old tyres, giving material once destined for landfill a new lease of life in the nation’s gardens.


Not only are recycled rubber stepping stones virtually indestructible, unlike their easily smashed stone counterparts, but they are incredibly durable, too. In the UK’s damp climate, and with mild, wet winters set to become commonplace due to climate change, slippery algae can quickly build up on paved or decked paths – but rubber stepping stones are mould and mildew-resistant, ensuring they’re a safer alternative because the stones offer excellent grip in all weathers. Even in the event of a slip or fall, rubber stepping stones provide a much softer surface, making them ideal for use in family gardens where children play, while stones set in lawns or soil are tough enough to resist damage if struck by lawnmowers or nylon cord trimmers.


Primeur’s Sarah McLafferty said: “Recycled rubber stepping stones are kinder to the environment and tap into the current trend for low-maintenance gardening, meeting the needs of consumers who don’t want to use harsh chemicals or cleaning products to keep stones looking their best. Rubber resists mould naturally, so there’s no need to scrub stones or waste precious resources by blasting them with a pressure washer. Recycled rubber is pet-safe, while the stones are perfect to use in any garden situation – whether it’s around plants, for making paths across lawns, or to provide easy access on allotments.”


Recycled rubber stepping stones are just one of Primeur’s innovations that put old tyres to good use, preventing a mountain of rubber from being dumped in landfill. Globally, 2.5billion tyres are produced every year, creating a huge volume of waste when tyres come to the end of their serviceable life. With each tyre containing more than 200 ingredients, it takes 80 years for a waste tyre to decompose – but 6kg of rubber crumb can be recycled from just one tyre and reformed into ingenious new garden products.


With an extensive line-up of shapes and styles in Primeur’s recycled rubber stepping stone collection, there are options to suit every gardener’s tastes. Reversible stepping stones (45x45cm) in grey sport eye-catching dragonfly, butterfly and medallion motifs, while stones with creative leaf patterns are available in Terracotta, earth and grey.


For gardeners looking to make a statement, reversible rubber stones also come with a stand-out scroll pattern (earth or grey), cracked log design (available in earth) or river rock appearance – resembling grey pebbles which could be found at the bottom of a trickling stream.


Of course, not all stepping stones are round, and rectangular Railroad Tie earth-coloured stones (25x60cm) add a touch of flower show drama to gardens of all styles, whether set in a contemporary gravel path or embedded across a family lawn.


Contemporary grey hues of slate are fashionable in interior and exterior design, and adorn Primeur’s Stomp Stones in square (30x30cm) and hexagonal (33x38cm) styles. For gardeners seeking stepping stones to integrate into areas of naturalistic planting, the Natural stepping stone (38x58cm) in grey is the obvious choice, blending seamlessly into its environment with its irregularly shaped edges.


To find a local stockist of Primeur’s Recycled Rubber Border Collection, call 01274 518800, visit the website at www.primeur.co.uk or email sales@primeur.ltd.uk




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