Meet Viano & DJ Turfcare: organic to the core

Sustainability, eco-friendly, environmentally sound, ‘green’ – these are all words that have found their way into everyday language and the public agenda, but for leading eco- friendly garden product supplier, Viano, it is the core ethos of the business.


This unrelenting commitment to protecting the environment can be best seen within the Viano product portfolio, exclusively distributed in the UK by DJ Turfcare. 100% organic-based, the range which includes the highly recognisable, RHS-endorsed Mo Bacter, Recovery and Bio-Lime, has been sympathetically created to ensure it only positively impacts the environment, without compromising on performance or results. These are products that deliver every time.


Flagship product, Mo Bacter is an organic-based, slow release fertiliser for lawns, which destroys moss as a secondary action. It is easily spread, contains no chemicals, is pet and child-friendly, and completely harmless to garden plants.   Recovery contains the unique ingredient, Humifirst, which creates biological activity and acts as a plant growth stimulant making it perfect to use before laying turf, seeding, after drought or as an autumn lawn feed.   Meanwhile, Bio-Lime, has been created to combat black layer and all the acidic and sour conditions that can be an ideal environment for moss to thrive, by ‘sweetening’ the soil to raise its pH.


The company’s organic fertilisers are built out of natural components of animal and/or vegetable origin, such as bloodmeal, bonemeal, soyameal, feathermeal, Rock phosphate, vinasses, organic seaweed, hoof and hornmeal. Viano does not add any chemical elements to its products. The only addition is mineral supplements that are naturally derived from nature, such as Potassium chloride, magnesium oxide, and ammonium sulphate. Together these organic and organo-mineral fertilisers provide bioactive compounds and humic substances into the soil to optimise plant growth, releasing nutrients over a period of three months dependent on soil composition and weather.


What does ‘organic’ fertiliser really mean?

Simply put, organic or organo-mineral respect the environment and offer a clean and safe option for human, animals and plants. Organic fertilisers are kind not just to the plant they are working to enhance, but they also don’t negatively impact upon the wider environment. Viano fertilisers famously do not leach so the ‘goodness’ is kept exactly where it should be, which means the soil and groundwater in the local area are kept free from any additional elements. Organic and organo-fertilisers also protect the plant rather than force growth, improve soil structure, increase the amount of organic matter and stimulate soil organisms and bacteria life.


A business that is green to its core

Viano’s motto is ‘a sustainable brand for efficient gardening’ and this is something that is felt right to the core of the business. This isn’t sustainability for the sake of sustainability, or a brand jumping on


the sustainability bandwagon, this is a business whose very foundations are centred around sustainability. Viano is most certainly best known for its bestselling organic product range, but this commitment to environmental protection goes much deeper. In 2017 the company proudly invested €2.7million into the installation of 2,300 solar panels at its headquarters, making Viano the biggest supplier of green energy to themselves, whilst also significantly reducing the company’s carbon footprint.


Viano is also so proud of its green credentials and product range it recently published its own report entitled “Sustainable Development of a Fertiliser Producer” to better highlight the efforts it undertakes to become not just a supplier of environmentally friendly products, but also an environmentally aware business. The report outlines the steps taken by the company including: only using a selection of sustainable, environmentally-friendly and high quality raw materials; minimising energy consumption; use of recycled packaging (PE-LD); use of sustainable transport that meets the most diverse environmental standards; ensuring the production of finished products with minimal leaching; and working with specialists to assist in achieving a solid, responsible fertilisation.


For those garden retailers really wanting to promote their support of environmental protection, David Jenkins, Managing Director of DJ Turfcare suggests they look no further than Viano. He concluded by saying: “A lot of brands are now introducing organic fertilisers which is great as it proves that the demand and knowledge of the positive impact of organics is shaping consumer buying habits. However, many of these brands are still very much focused on chemical-based ranges and the switch to a wholly organic portfolio is not happening quick enough. With Viano retailers, and consumers, can be confident that these are products backed by a proven and long-term organic track record; a track record that has helped the company to create products that deliver the highest quality results whilst also protecting the environment at all levels, and ensuring the longevity of our planet for future generation.”


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